Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Script & Screen

Script & Screen is a new feature I plan on doing regularly, in which I will review the original book and then review the movie it was adapted into, and compare the two: did the movie remain true to the atmosphere of the book? was the message of the book changed or lost along the way in the screen adaptation? were the changes in the movie necessary and did they manage to make the story better? And such other thoughts and questions one asks themselves after watching the movie made out of a book read before.

Soon to come: (Book title - Author / Movie title - Director - year of production)

- The Bear Came Over the Mountain by Alice Munro / Away From Her by Sarah Polley (2006)

- Rebecca by Daphne DuMaurier / Rebecca by Alfred Hithcock (1940) and Rebecca by Jim O'Brien (1997)

- Atonement by Ian McEwan / Atonement by Joe Wright (2007)

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