Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Traveling Through Tuesday (#2)

Traveling Through Tuesday

Do you like to read books that set in a certain city, state, or country? Do you ever find a town in a book that just calls your name and you can't wait to tell someone about it?

This fantastic new meme was Jen's idea from Crazy for Books and is hosted by Lori over at Lori's Reading Corner.

This Tuesday I am 

sailing on the Amazon in the middle of the jungle! 

As that is where for the most part Kresley Cole's Pleasure of a Dark Prince is set. Kresley Cole is wonderful at setting the scene, her descriptions are so evocative, that although I have never been in South America or in a jungle for that, thanks to her detailed and vivid descriptions I see it! I see the big old fashioned worn ship, the lush buoyant exotic green trees, the untamed river and all those unseen and fearful weird wild animals (anacondas, caimans).

I would love to go to South America, and although it would be interesting to see how the wild life  is in the Amazonas, a few days would be enough for me, I would prefer to travel and see the remains of ancient, lost civilisations, to climb the Machu Picchu, etc.

And where are you traveling this Tuesday?

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