Friday, 2 April 2010

Ah the despair, oh the agony..

You can imagine and understand my distress when you hear about my suffering of yesterday. First: I was so engrossed in the last 50 pages of Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews, it was the big finale, the all-deciding-fight, when you bite your nails and hold your breath, when you are so completely submerged in that fantasy world that you hear nothing of the outside world and everything else other than the story ceases to exist, you know the feeling, don't you? Well I was in the middle of that when the person next to me made me get up so he could get off the bus, then I realized I almost missed my stop, so I hurried to get off, but all the way of those 10 minutes it took me to get home I was frustrated that I wasn't left alone in peace to get to the end of the fight and the chapter, grr. But this was the smallest of my grievances as you will see.

When I finally finished Magic Bites and was still on a high of how much I enjoyed the story, the universe Ilona Andrews created and their writing style, I went online to order the 2nd and 3rd of the series (I wanted to be prudent and only bought the 1st book in the series, thinking I'll read the 1st and if I like it, then I'll buy the following books), and guess what? They were out of stock!! And they don't know when they'll be available! Grr, damn my prudence! :-/ Now I have to wait (and I don't even know until when!) for them to have Book 2&3 in stock so I can finally order them! All Ilona Andrews books are out of stock, I don't understand it. Grr!

So would any of you help me? How do you deal with such bad luck fate deals you? Any good suggestions or what great book I should check until I can get my Ilona Andrews fix again?

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