Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Traveling Through Tuesday (#4)

Traveling Through Tuesday

Do you like to read books that set in a certain city, state, or country? Do you ever find a town in a book that just calls your name and you can't wait to tell someone about it?

This fantastic new meme was Jen's idea from Crazy for Books and is hosted by Lori over at Lori's Reading Corner.

This Tuesday I am


This past week I've been re-reading The Painted Veil by William Somerset Maugham, which takes place in Hong-Kong and Mei-Tan-Fu county in China.

Three years ago I was lucky enough to go and visit China! I received as a graduation gift from my parents a 16 days-long tour of China's imperial cities, and to this day it was one of the biggest experiences/adventures of my life!

Walking the Great Wall was such an elightening moment: being on top of the world and looking out at the vast green mountain covered vista!

The Great Wall

The Temple of Heaven in Beijing

Though I haven't been to Hong-Kong or seen too much of the Chinese countryside, I can very well picture the scene where this novel is set. For some reason I keep thinking that it is set in Shanghai and not Hong-Kong (maybe the film changed that? or I simply remember it erronously), and since I was in Shanghai it isn't too hard picturing what it must have looked like before the time of the huge skyscrapers as the European district stayed pretty much the same:


And where are you traveling this Tuesday?

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