Sunday, 9 May 2010


As many of you might know, last week I was kinda AWOL from the blogosphere as I was in Madrid. This was the second time I visited Spain: 2 years ago we spent almost 2 weeks in Southern Spain (Andalusia), which was wonderful!

My middle sister is doing a 4 months long internship in Madrid, and we combined visiting her with sightseeing. We had a busy 5 days trip, saw a lot of interesting and beautiful things, here are a few photos, lay back and let me transport you for a few minutes to Madrid.

I was amazed by Madrid's grandiose and spatious architecture. A small selection of all the photos I took of different buildings I couldn't get enough of:

The Plaza Mayor
Plaza del Cibeles

Building of the old post office, isn't it breathtaking? 

And the Palacio Real or the Royal Palace

The Retiro Park, which is called by some the Spanish Central Park:

The Crystal Palace in the Retiro

 And look what we found in a very narrow and hidden street:

Restaurant Ex Libris - Traditional Cuisine
My little sister and me in the reflection of Ex Libris the Restaurant

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