Sunday, 16 May 2010

In My Mailbox (#9)

In My Mailbox
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Ugh, the weather is awful, completely disgusting here! Despite the fact that it is the middle of May, it is 10 Celsius, dark November-like grey clouds, it's been raining at intervals all week, and raining nonstop for 2 days (ot just a drizzle, but the typical it's-raining-cats-and-dogs-type-of-rain!)!! And now there is such a howling violent wind, I feel like we are in late autumn and not at the beginning of summer! grr. Ok, enough about the weather report, here are the books that were in my mailbox this week. 

Book I have received for review:

Stop Me by Richard Jay Parker

Amazon appetizer: Forward this email to ten friends. Each of those friends must forward it to ten friends. Maybe one of those friends of friends of friends will be one of my friends. If this email ends up in my inbox within a week, I won't slit the bitch's throat. Can you afford not to send this onto ten friends?

Vacation Killer Leo Sharpe's life is shattered when his wife Laura suddenly disappears. His desperate need to find her turns to obsession when he becomes convinced she's the latest victim of The Vacation Killer who has claimed eleven lives already - is Laura going to be the twelfth?

The MO is the same every time - a woman disappears and within hours inboxes around the world receive a threatening email. A few days later, grim evidence of the victim's death is delivered to the police. But in Laura's case, nothing is sent. Has the killer spared her life? Why? And for how long? For Leo, the clock is ticking - he needs to do everything in his power to stop the killer before it's too late.

Books I have won:

Red-Headed Stepchild from Caroline at One Book Away From Heaven 
(I'm really surious about this one, have heard great things about this series, can't wait to read it!)

Tomorrow River from Ariel at Mysteries and My Musings 
(doesn't the cover look so lovely amd peaceful?)

Magic for Beginners from Velvet at vvb32reads

Thank you!!

That's it for me, but what was in your mailbox this week?

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