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Interview with debut historical romance author Cynthia Roberts

Hello everyone! It is Day#2 of the Cynthia Roberts Events, today I have the pleasure to welcome Cynthia for a personal exclusive interview for the readers of Ex Libris.

Please give a warm welcome to Cynthia and leave her comments/questions, she should pass by later and answer them. (Don't forget to come back tomorrow as Cynthia will be giving away a signed copy of Wind Warrior to one lucky commenter!)

Hey Cynthia, welcome to Ex Libris!

1. I'm curious as to how did you come up with the premise of Wind Warrior? What triggered, inspired the story behind Wind Warrior?

The first romance I ever read was a novel from Cassie Edward’s Savage series and instantly became hungry to read more. I tracked down every one of those babies; let me tell you, until I read them all. Every historical Indian romance I read from that point on was based on a Plains tribe. I wanted to focus on a tribe indigenous to my area and decided to write a series based on the five tribes that make up the Iroquois League of Nations.

2. You had to do a lot of research for Wind Warrior, could you name one really interesting thing, fact, tradition you learned from your book research?
The simplistic beauty of their culture and folklore. We could learn so much from our Native American brothers and the reverent love and respect they have for everything that is natural and of this earth. They knew how to live in balance with plants, animals and natural elements ... never taking more than what was needed to sustain their people and way of life.

3. What is the best part of being a writer? And what is the worst?

There is nothing more gratifying than knowing that someone is going to escape into the world you created and will actually feel and experience an array of emotions from your written words. It just doesn't get any better than that. As far as the worst would probably be the fear of running out of ideas. Coming in this game during my more mature years ... chuckle ... chuckle ... I have a trunk load of story lines to keep my newly found fans happy for many more years to come.

4. What is/was your favourite historical novel, the one that gripped you at the very beginning and set you on this path?

Girlfriend my memory has escaped me with time. However, I must say I have an autographed copy of Jude Deveraux's A Knight in Shining Armor that is one of my all time favorites.

5. If you could go backward or forward in time which would you chose? And what would you do?

Hmmm ... I love my computer, cell and ipod BUT, I think going back in time around the early 1800's as a pioneer woman trekking across territories not yet discovered and blazing new trails to a better life. Times were tough but there is something about creating a legacy from something completely virgin that seems inspiring to me.

6. What would readers be surprised to learn about you?/ What would you like to reveal about yourself to your readers?

I’ve been told I’m a sensitive … not psychic … but I have this sense about people when I meet them like feeling their bad or good energy. It has never proven me wrong. I’m extremely giving (sometimes too much to the point where I get hurt … gotta work on that one) and I’m a lady who loves her wine … red, white, blush it doesn’t matter.

7. I know it's not an easy question with so many fantastic authors out there to choose from, but who are some of the must-have authors in your TBR pile? And which authors would you consider co-writing a book with? Or would you rather do it independently?

I am a true blue die-hard woman of romance. Some of my favorite authors are Jude Deveraux, Lisa Kleypas, Madeline Baker, Johanna Lindsey, Catherine Coulter, Nora Roberts to name a few. Would I coauthor a book with any one of them ... heck ... most definitely. Quite honestly though, with all my other projects including a romantic comedy screenplay, I don't know if I could devote the time. I would absolutely love to meet each and every one of them over brunch and just chat away.

8. What is next in the works for you? When can readers expect to see it out on the shelves in their local bookstores?

You're probably gonna think me crazy ... I'm 3 chapters into Book #3 of my Iroquois series, three-quarters of the way done on a mainstream romance sci-fi adventure entitled Keeper's Watch, at the tail end of finishing another mainstream romance mystery entitled Pawn For Malice and a romantic comedy screenplay Lookin' For Love. I've got a lot of catching up to do, this late in the game. No stopping me now!

9. Where can readers find you? (website, any other social networks, forums, etc.)

Besides my official author website I also have a profile on Good Reads and Facebook.

I’d like to thank Cynthia for stopping by and spending time with us, it was great getting to know more about you and your books. I wish you all the best and lot of success for the future! :-)

Don't forget to come back tomorrow, since as a superb closing to the 3 day long Cynthia Roberts palooza, there will be a giveaway! Yes, yes, one lucky commenter will win a signed copy of Wind Warrior, so post away, leave a comment for Cynthia, ask her anything you are curious about, she will stop by later to answer them. 

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