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Virtual Book Tour with Maria Lucia + GIVEAWAY

Join author Maria Lucia, author of Liberation: Book One of the Andrusian Chronicles as she virtually tours the blogosphere during the month of July with her fantasy/adventure novel!

Today I have the great pleasure to welcome debut author Maria Lucia at Ex Libris! Maria Lucia's debut novel, a powerful paranormal fantasy, book#1 in the Andrusian Chronicles, Liberation was released recently and she has kindly agreed to answer some of my questions. So please welcome Maria!

Hi Maria, thank you for stopping by Ex Libris! When I heard of Liberation the first question that came to my mind was: why sci-fi? Usually it is not such a popular genre with girls/women, why did you choose to write in this genre?

My focus was the story, how to tell it, how to get it right. The scenes barreled in as I visited the different monuments and national treasures that we have here in D.C. They seemed like a fantasy with a strong sense of meaning and paranormal overtones but as the story developed the Andrusian Race wanted their story told from the beginning. Since Andrusia, the home of this race, is made up of a sector of love worlds deep within the constellation of Ophiuchus in our Milky Way , the science fiction aspect began emerging as the prologue unfolded. The story wanted to expand, it wanted to get bigger, so that the full meaning of what happens to the main characters could be understood and the reader given the true sense of how far back the plot extends. The Andrusian race came to me and demanded that their story be told and as a result the genre that described it best was fantasy with a twist of science fiction.

What do you like about sci-fi? What inspired your love for sci-fi/fantasy (the first novel/movie)?

Telling the story about a strike team from a sector of love worlds that comes to Earth to reinstate the ways of love and sustainability and confront a dark supernatural syndicate who is bent on destroying Earth and humanity, really fired me up. I could get behind that. It’s the theme of the book that fired me up, the story. It turned out to be fantasy which doesn’t surprise me since I love the genre and coupled with the expansion of consciousness that has to happen to really take in the science fiction aspect; well it’s a real high for me. I love hanging out in such spaces inside my psyche. I love the beauty that can come about from the creation of otherworldly spaces of special spirits and winged creatures of goodness as well as the contrast that can happen when you delve into the deeply evil places of our dual world.

One more thing, I love delving in and out of different realities and connecting events in our real world with the worlds that we can’t see that could be affecting us every day. Everybody is telling me that it’s a film. We’ll see!

Thanks Stella!

Maria Lucia
Liberation, Book One of the Andrusian Chronicles

Click HERE to watch the fantastic book trailer of Liberation, I'm sure it will make you want to read it!

Amora Madre is content in the Smokey Mountains pursuing her teaching of love, things of the spirit, and metaphysics. Her childhood invisible playmates, Casey and Nia, are always by her side. But when soul mate Gabriel Ephraim enters her life, she is drawn into the heart of a horrific encounter with the spirit world in the skies over Washington D.C. Catapulted into service for the Intergalactic Supernatural Intelligence Agency, ISIA, the kindred lovers soon discover the existence of an invisible wickedness over the city, its galactic origins, and its evil designs for national and world events.

As part of an Andrusian galactic strike force, assembled to dismantle the malevolent legion’s brutal matrix, Amora and Gabriel, seasoned and accomplished, embark on a dangerous adventure filled with Onaweyans, historical figures, and a confrontation with the dark supernatural syndicate over the fate of the United States and the earth.

With journeys into dimensional worlds, interactions with fantastic characters and creatures, and revelation of the current struggle between the spiritual forces of good and evil, LIBERATION draws the reader into a world where the spiritual dimensions and reality converge.

You can learn more about the Andrusian Chronicles series and book #1 Liberation as well as the author Maria Lucia at her official website. Or you can join her at her Facebook page.

You can read an excerpt of Liberation here.

Maria very generously offered one personalised copy of Liberation to one reader of Ex Libris, to enter the giveaway click here.

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