Thursday, 1 July 2010

Book Blogger Anonymous Announcement: Host for July - Book Choice for July

Wow, I can't believe June is over and it is already July! June swished by and I still feel stuck in May.

So now that it is 1st of July, time for another book to be discussed by the Book Bloggers Anonymous!

And do you know what this book will be? Well the readers have voted and we will be reading and discussing

Mind Games by Carolyn Crane!

The host for the BBA discussions in July will be Amanda from Not-Really-Southern Vamp Chick, you should swing by her blog often in july as she has planned some great events *just saying* ;-)

And of copurse, as usual, you can join us in discussing Mind Games over at the BBA Goodreads Group, the more the merrier! :-)

I was a bit worried I wouldn't finish the book in time (I only started reading it on Monday), but wow! You can't stop it! I'm already at 3/4 and loving it so much! Carolyn Crane's writing style is amazing and her universe is brilliant! You should definitely pick this up, it is original, incredibly creative and of course very intense ;-)

Anyway, hope to see you join us, it'll be fun!

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