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Spotlight on Paranormal Romance: The Immortals After Dark series - guest post by Leontine

When I think of paranormal romance a series comes to my mind without any doubt or hesitation: it is Kresley Cole's amazing Immortals After Dark series (or IAD for anyone who has read any of the 9 novels and instantly became a fan). This series has every species present: werewolves, vampires, demons, valkyries, witches, ghosts and anything else you'd like. It also has everything required: fast paced action, steamy sex scenes (oh my!), swoonworthy heroes, interesting heroines, lots of humour and great writing!

So when I knew I absolutely HAD to mention the IAD series, someone popped into my mind who I knew was not only a huge fan of the series, but who I was sure could make you see the light and convert you to the IAD love. So who is our mystery IAD missionary? None other than Leontine from Leontine's Book Realm! So read carefully, believe me, you don't want to miss out on this series! Please give it all up to  the amazing Leontine, champion of the IAD love!


First of all I’d like to thank Stella for inviting me to talk about what I consider to be one of the best PNR series out there; the Immortals After Dark series. I apologize in advance if I sound like an utter fangirl squeeing about the Scottish MacRieve Lykae, Rage Demons, Vampire Wroth Brothers and Nïx being my role model since she lurves licking horns. Some who don’t know this series probably will go; Huh, you lost me girl! What are you talking about?? This is where I say; Gather around my fellow book babes for I haz to give you the 411 on the IAD series *passes my bowl of M&M’s and hands out bottles of diet coke*

You’ll need to have some basics on some of the factions in this series….

The Lykae clan are Scottish werewolves who redefine sexy. They can be a bit Neanderthal at times but *shivers* their fierce attitudes are a straight shot of pure eroticism in all the major senses. There are a few chase scenes by these werewolves in IAD that elevates the hormone levels *rowr* upon reading it. Some Lykae men are: Lachlain MacRieve, Bowen MacRieve and Garreth MacRieve.

When Valkyries are in any form of emotional state lightning flashes outside. They are combat ready to kick some serious butt. They love to paint their toe nails, appreciate man-candy, have a wicked humorous streak and a weak spot for sparklies. Now for whom doesn’t this describe the best friend chica to hang out with? Some Valkyries are: soothsayer Nïx, Myst the Coveted, Daniela the Ice Maiden and Lucia the Huntress.

The Rage Demons. Brothers Woede have this tragic past going on where Cade fails his brother Rydstrom who thereby loses his kingdom. But the thing I remember most is how unique and *waggles eyebrows* sensitive their horns are :)) Some Rage Demons are: Cade and Rydstrom Woede.

There is also a Witch faction who have some serious magical skils, so be ware, they can kick-a$$ from a distance!

The Vampires. When I think of the vampires I think of the Wroth brothers. Talk about your mad, bad and immortal vampires *purrrrrr* Some of the Wroth’s are turned against their will and now have to deal with the bloodlust and, they can only get blooded again if they find their Bride. The first moment they get blooded it equals scorching arousal and Kresley Cole knows how to write lip-locking, groin-grinding, hawt sexin’ without the actual sexin’ so be warned, have a fan and ice cubes at hand while reading. Sebastian Wroth – Nikolai Wroth – Conrad Wroth – Murdoch Wroth are some of the vampires in this series.

So now you know a bit about the factions who have to vie for power during the Ascension. Now let’s go on to my views on the individual books…anyone need a [potty] break already?? On with the 411 lesson then…..

IAD book#1 in Anthology: Playing Easy to Get

We begin with a sizzling hot short story where a ruthless Wroth brother gets blooded by a Valkyrie. An unparalleled match where a vampire claims his Bride. It’s a brief taste but be prepared to want more!

IAD book#2 A Hunger Like No Other

Then Kresley Cole takes you on a road trip from Paris to the Scottish Highlands where a king breathes revenge and claims his rightful place once more. Early on you’re given a shower scene that will make your windows fog over so hawt…just sayin’.

IAD book#3 No Rest For The Wicked

Here we get invited to a legendary hunt: The Hie. Oh, and it’s also the second Wroth story *grin* Not only do you get a thrill chase discovering all kinds of artifacts, you also witness the blooding of another vampire which means the instinctual need to conquer, fornicate and claim. Unfortunately the Valkyrie assassin Kaderin the Cold Hearted isn’t ready to comply in a way. Poor Sebastian….

IAD book#4 Wicked Deeds On A Winter’s Night

If you haven’t fallen for Bowen MacRieve by the time you get to his story I think I need to call the peeps in white coats for you…The tragedy: His one, his only, the mate that was destined to be his died so many years ago. Thinking he will never hear the words; “You complete me” uttered to him he lost himself and got cold. Yeah, well…sorry to bust your bubble Bowen but Kresley Cole haz gots other plans for you!

IAD book#5 Dark Needs At Night’s Edge

This is where Kresley Cole received her “I belong in the major league of bad-ass addictive series’ badge from me. How did she accumulate this coveted award since the Pulitzer came in to existence? We take one very dead-as-a-doornail ballerina and one close-to-the-edge-crazy Wroth vampire. We place them in one house, we let them get acquainted and what follows is one of the most erotic stories without the actual sexing. If you think you were ever hot and bothered encompassed by a whole lot of being sexual frustrated, then read this story to prove it can get worse!


IAD book#6 Dark Desires After Dusk

IAD book#7 Kiss Of A Demon King

The Woede brother finally appears on the main stage in their tale to conquer back their homeland. These two stories tell a complete tale of demon loving, where Cade meets one OCD chick and make a run for it…road trip trope beware!! Then dethroned king Rydstrom thinks he can handle Sabine, the Queen of Illusions, and this is also the perception vice versa. Ahhh, such good rage demon/Sorceri clashing…


IAD book#8 in Duology: Deep Kiss Of Winter

This is almost a classic combination of a Wroth vampire with a Valkyrie, it delivers an addictive kind of bump and grind of personalities. This story hauls you over until a full length novel can give you the complete satisfaction of your addiction for the IAD. Cause by now…you are really addicted.

IAD book#9 Pleasures Of A Dark Prince

Aaaahhhhhh, an orgasmic MacRieve story, you get it all in this one! Hot man-candy Garreth MacRieve meets fierce Valkyrie moods of Lucia the Maiden. A chase that goes around the world and ends up on a boat trip on the Amazon. I inhaled this story and by the end I was already on edge for the tenth IAD novel; DEMON FROM THE DARK.

IAD book#10 Demon From the Dark

For those who’ve read this series will know what I’m talking about, if you’ve read them all you’re an expert on this series and know the effect & humor of these characters. If you haven’t read this series yet…what are you waiting for?? A MacRieve to chase you, tie you up on the bed, and start reading you the IAD bedtime stories?? That would be nice, wouldn’t it! LOL But I think you’ll do better to go buy yourself these novels and start reading.

Now hand me back the bowl of M&M’s I’m starved after all this talking. *receives bowl with 2 M&M’s left – glares around* Who hogged all the freakin’ M&M’s?? *Goes to emergency cabinet and fills bowl with secret stash*

I’ll ask you all one question: What series gives you a constant high and hasn’t let you down? For me these series are considered white whales, you never catch them when you want to!

You can find Leontine at her blog: Leontine's Book Realm
on Twitter: @Leontine1976

Leontine's Book Realm

Thank you so much Leontine! Noone could have spread the IAD love better than you, thank you I knew I could count on you! :-)

The IAD series is truly amazing, addictive and soo enjoyable!
You can also read my reviews of Dark Desires After Dusk and Pleasure of a Dark Prince on the blog.

Read more about the series at Kresley Cole's official website, and of course buy the books at the Book Depository!

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