Friday, 2 July 2010

Wanna be my Sponsor?

Dear Authors, Publishers, Fellow Bloggers or simply Generous Readers!

I will be participating in three huge global blogosphere giveaways: Book Extravaganza, Got Books? and BlogFest.

Each of them is a 2 day long fiesta with lots of bookish giveaways, and since the organisers will have a central datasheet with all participating blogs, we expect quite a big interest and lots of people taking part, so the events will get huge coverage.

I already have a few giveaways planned but I would like to make it even more extraordinary and that's why I thought I would ask for your help and kind contribution.

If you would like to promote your book, a new release, get rid of some already-read-but-don't-want-to keep-books or any other prize offering would be greatly appreciated and of course your contribution will be advertised.

Book Extravaganza for all things Bookish - July 16-18 2010

Got Books? The Bookish event of the year - July 23-24 2010 
BlogFest - Mindblowing Blog giveaways - September 10-12 2010


If you would like to be featured in any of these events by contributing a prize please e-mail me at, it would be a great opportunity to get your name out in the blogosphere.

Thank you!

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