Monday, 9 August 2010

Why have I been so quiet lately?

I would like to say sorry for the sporadic posting and explain why it has been quite quiet around here.

My two little sisters who are studying abroad are home for the summer, and due to this 1) during the week I don't have that much free time as I used to since we try to make the most of it before their school starts and they will have to leave, 2) on the weekends we go away to the country with the family, where there is no internet connection. I read there and prepare notes for reviews, but once I get back - besides a full time job - just going through all the e-mails accrued in my absence and all the new blog posts made over the weekend takes quite some time. I try to check all of them out and keep up to date and comment, but if you don't hear from me as much as before you know my sisters are the reasons for my silence or "disappearance", they are the ones to blame ;-)

Of course I love to read all your e-mails, posts and comments, so please keep them coming, just be patient with me please, I'm not ignoring you, just trying not to be swamped with everything. Thank you! :-)

ps. several giveaways are in the pipeline too, the first is the Green Extravaganza, which will be posted later today and the other one will be to celebrate Ex Libris having 500 followers and my birthday (August 20) once I reach 500 followers! :-)

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