Thursday, 7 October 2010

September Flashback

Well the further along we are in the year, I have the impression the faster the months are flying by! September just wizzed by, and already the 1st week of October is over. It will be Christmas within a blink of an eye...
September was quite a buzy (=crazy) month for me at work, so unfortunately I couldn't spend as much time and energy on my blog as I would have liked :-( 

Books read:
  1. Alpha and Omega by Patricia Briggs
  2. Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs
  3. Happy Hour at Casa Dracula by Marta Acosta
  4. Vampire Academy by Michelle Read (Book #1 in the Vampire Academy series)
  5. FU by Mia Watts
  6. Swallow by Tonya Plank
  7. Desire Unchained by Larissa Ione (Book #2 in the Demonica series)
  8. Frostbite by Richelle Mead (Book #2 in the Vampire Academy series)
  9. Hush Money by Susan Bischoff *
  10. Her Dark Angel by Felicity Heaton
  11. The Spurned Viscountess by Shelley Munro
  12. The Panther's Lair by Esmeralda Bishop

Books reviewed:

Oops, I just saw that even though I have reviewed several books in September over at Book Lovers Inc., I haven't posted them here. So will ahve to do that, until then the only review which was posted on Ex Libris is:

1. FU by Mia Watts

Book I liked the best this month:  Read so amny great books in September it is hard to choose, but my top 3 are: Hush Money by Susan Bischoff (amazing book! Made me a YA believer), Swallow by Tonya Plank (Tonya Plank writes with such entertaining style that the 450 or so pages flew by, and I loved reading every single page of Swallow!) and the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead.

Book I liked the least this month: Her Dark Angel by Felicity Heaton, it was a good 3 stars read, my complaint: it was too short!

Reading Challenges 2010 - Status report:

 Suspense & Thriller Challenge: 7 read, 5/12 to go



I participated in the Welcoming the Fall Giveaway!

I shared the love for my favourite books read in 2010 in my 500 Followers Birthday Giveaway

And last but not least I also participated in BlogFest, which was fantastic!

So this is what happened at Ex Libris in a nutshell :-)

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