Monday, 1 November 2010

Happy Halloween!

Hey Everyone, Happy Haloween! :-)

I love Halloween! Love all the cute decorations, the treats, the dressing up and the fun! I also love athmospheric old cemeteries, I find them inspiring. I thought as a Halloween treat, I would share with you a few photos I took in a couple cemeteries when I was in Scotland last year. They were beautiful, had a hard time choosing :-)

Calton Hill

Gothic church in Glasgow

Celtic cross in Edinburgh

Sir Walter Scott Monument in Edinburgh

Then one night we decided to joina Ghost Tour, which was incredible! During the day it was sunny and warm, but around 8 pm it started to darken, and a very spooky fog started to ascend the city! It became so dense that we couldn't see further away than our hands! We couldn't have asked for a more ideal setting to visit old haunted cemeteries, and to this day we remember that experience, it was incredible! Here are a few photos taken on that tour (at times you will have to click on them to make the pics bigger so as to see something in the dense fog):

Spooky Fog in Edinburgh

and the fog got denser..

see that eery violet light? There was no reason for it! We went behind the tree and there was no light whatsoever!

And a sunny cemetery in Edinburgh

Ruins of the Cathedral in St. Andrews

The Necropolis in Glasgow

Sorry if I put too many pics, I just couldn't choose, I felt as if I was again on that holiday :-)

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend and have a happy and fun Halloween! :-)

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