Monday, 29 November 2010

Spotlight on Urban Fantasy week!

And it's time again to revisit the best UF novels and authors!

Last time even though every single day of those 2 weeks of UF goodness was packed with guests, giveaways and reviews, it still was not enough!

So now I'm back to shine the spotlight on some more UF favourites, particularly

two series which have both made it to my Best Reads of 2010 list
two authors who have become Must-Auto-Buy-Authors!

Curious to know which two series and two authors I'm alluding to?

Check back here during the week, there will be funny guest posts, exciting giveaways and of course lots of great UF novel recommendations!

I hope to see you all, and please share with us your love for UF! :-)

This will be the master sheet where you will be able to access all related posts:

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