Sunday, 19 December 2010

In My Mailbox (#30)

In My Mailbox
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As I have already told you, my cousin gave birth to her second daughter, and my little goddaughter got a little sister: Abigail Rose, and I had to help them out, so these past (two) weeks I haven't been online that much, and now that my sisters came home for the holidays, with all the family time and events, there won't be too much time for blogging either, so sorry if I seem like I disappeared, I will be back I promise, sooner or later.. :-)
I have won two Amazon Gift Card giveaways, one from PK at Aisle B and one from Cherry at Cherry Mischievous, and I bought all these great books with them:
I have heard great things about both these series and can't wait to discover them, now I have them on my shelves waiting for 2011 and for me to finally attack my ever growing TBR pile.
I have won Moon Kissed from Jackie at Housewife Blues and Chihuahua Stories
Afterlife from Merrie Destefano at Literary Escapism
and Susi from The Geeky Bookworm was sweet to send me Black Wings by Christina Henry!

Thank you all very much for the great books! :-)

My sisters arrived home yesterday, despite the huge and crazy snowstorms blowing across Europe, and today we left for a 4 day-long family wellness trip, to relax and have some quiet family quality time together before the craziness of the holidays :-) I took 5 books plus my Kindle (my older sister was shocked and asked me "What, you bring 5 books (she didn't know about me taking my ereader..hihi) to read for 4 days??" but my little sister replied to her like it was completely normal, "Of course, you know Stella, she reads fast and a lot, so she has to be prepared." and she was completely right, I had to be prepared :-D lol), we'll see how much reading I'll be able to do with all the pool time and nap time. Ok I'll sht up before you throw something at the computer ;-) lol 

So this is what was in my mailbox this week, and what was in yours?

ps: but  had a hellish week if that counts for anything, had to get up after 3 hours sleep a bit after 6 am on Friday, which was my day off! So I deserve to catch up some sleep.

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