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Spotlight on Romance: Guest discussion with Susi and Caroline + Giveaway

Today I have two great blogging friends of mine as guests here at Ex Libris, these two girls always manage to crack me up with their banter, so I was jumping with joy when I convinced (=coerced) them to stop by and spend some time here. Please welcome Susi (aka The Geeky Bookworm) and Caroline (aka Pattepoilue from One Book Away From Heaven)!! :-)

Susi: So it’s officially Spotlight on Romance Month here at Ex Libris. And yes I do Love Romance.

Caroline: Thank you Stella for inviting us on Ex Libris today. I can safely say that romance is my favorite genre. You just have to look at my shelves to know it for a truth ;) It wasn’t always the case though, I used to think romances were...SILLY!!

Halfway to the Grave (Night Huntress, Book 1)Susi: Me too. I love this genre. I still remember how everything started. When I read my first Paranormal Romance novel I was sold and just couldn’t stop after that. But I kind of developed into a contemporary romance lover.

Caroline: See, that’s where we are different. Like you I started with Paranormal Romance, but I soon realized that my favorite genre was historical romance! *swoon* About 2 years ago, I read my first smexy Urban Fantasy (A Jeaniene Frost book). And there is just one step between Urban fantasy to PNR. I have no idea why, but at some point I decided I should read a Historical Romance, I remember which one...The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie.I was so ashamed to be seen reading this book. I kept making up excuses for reading it lol. But It blew me away! I was so sure I wouldn’t like silly Historicals...and here I am a year later, and Historicals are my favorites by far! *g*

Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage (Berkley Sensation)Susi: I still understand why you like those so much. I’m always easily offended when the heroine is too un-independant or all virginal. I don’t like when they are so naive and most of the time they annoy so much.

Caroline: Ah yes I knew you’d give me the ‘virginal’ heroine card. lol I love that we are transported to another time, when it was really harder to get love. The rules of society, made marriage of convenience the norm and love was never a factor. I love that these heroine, had to be even more brave than us today, they had to play by the rules but be smarter than society and bend the rules discreetly. I’m also fascinated by the language of that time, whenever I read a historical I can hear an English accent in my head *g*

Susi: God I hate the language! So weird. And reminds me of English lessons in high-school. What is even weirder is that i was in the history class at high-school but I think my problem with Historicals is that they are mostly set in England. There are so many, at least for me, more interesting settings in our history. Where does this fascination with England come from?

Kings and Queens of England. FREE The Anglo-Saxons (871-1016) and The Danes (1016-1042) chapters in the trial version (Mobi History)Caroline: LOL I’m not talking Shakespearian language...I hate the Thee-thou talk. But it has a rhythm. I love it. *shakes fist in the air* You’d better say it’s great too! *gasp* Why yes, it’s the fact that it’s set in England that makes them so great! I looooooove the history of Kings and Queens in England. I think I know it better than the French history. So it’s a real pleasure to read Historicals set in those times *g* *planning on how to win you over* You’d better agree with me or I’ll kick your German butt lady! It’s funny because I have a harder time relating to Contemporary Romances.

Susi: At first I thought you said lick...LMAO and ohhhh why can it be harder to relate to a contemporary? For me that is the actual appeal of those novels. Familiar situations, people you can understand- who perhaps think like you would. No stupid rules about marriage and society. Just normal life with a bit of drama so to say. And I especially love those complicated ones with an actual deep story- a moral conflict that will keep you glued to the pages or something funny and light-hearted to entertain the hell out of you.

NakedCaroline: I don’t feel like I’m escaping to another world when it’s day to day situations. When it’s set in our time, with people that could be us. It often makes me more sad about myself LOL. At least with Historicals or PNR you know it couldn’t be you! No regrets ;) I really struggle to read Contemps, well most of them, while Historicals just flow easily. I hate to break it to you Susi, but Historicals can ALSO be funny and keep you glued to the pages! *stick tongue’s out* Nia nia nia.

Susi: So okay now I want names. *looks stern* Tell me about funny Historicals I will love like a Megan Hart or Nora Roberts. Hah!

Caroline: Ah! This is tricky! Well...When Harry Met Molly by Kieran Kramer was very funny. Oh oh oh, I know Ten Things I love About You by Julia Quinn. How funny those were!! And I’d add The Duke and I by Julia Quinn....That last one is very hot! see? I can totally give you names LOL I’m not sure anything could rival Megan Hart in your heart LOL But Nora Roberts? Ah she doesn’t stand a chance! *g*

When Harry Met Molly (Impossible Bachelors)  Ten Things I Love About You  The Duke and I (Bridgerton Series, Book 1)

Susi: Oki I will read one of those but you have to read a contemporary in return.

Caroline: Alright lol, that’s a deal. Ok so if you wanted to convert me, which Contemporaries would you recommends? (remember that I cry easily) OH see? I knew I’d forgotten it Historical or Contemp, I NEED a HEA. I really do!

Susi: I would say start the Bride Quartet by Nora Roberts. HEA ensured and OMG so funny, sweet and swoony. The first one is: Vision in White. So give me one I need to read.

Vision in White (The Bride Quartet, Book 1)  Bed of Roses  Savor the Moment (The Brides Quartet, Book 3)  Happy Ever After (Bride Quartet, Book 4)

Caroline: Wow this is a tough choice! So you need a Historical that is both hot and funny. So many could fit that description. It’s so hard to choose. Hummm ok The Duke and I by Julia Quinn.

The Duke and I (Bridgerton Series, Book 1)

So what is your favorite kind of romance story?

Are you more of a modern or historical romance lover? (say Historical say Historical!)


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