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Spotlight on Romance: My Christmas Top 10 - Guest post by Erin Nicholas + Giveaway

I have recently discovered a fantastic new contemporary romance series: the Bradfords, which is about two sisters and a brother and how they find love. Yes, it might sound familiar to you, because I have not only raved about these books but also have reviewed them in detail (you can find my review of Book #1 Just Right here and my review of Book #2 Just Like That here). So tonight it is with great pleasure that I welcome to Ex Libris the author behind the series: Erin Nicholas! And Erin is a kindred spirit, because she is also a Christmaholic, just like me!! :-D

So please give a warm welcome to Erin, enjoy the season and scroll down for the giveaway ;-)

I’m so excited to be here! Thanks to Stella for the invitation! Since we’re in the middle of December (one of my favorite months of the year!) the most obvious topic to talk about is Christmas and you know what? I don’t feel like trying to be more creative than that :-) because… I love Christmas!

To the point that my husband shows his true love for me at this time of year by tolerating the fact that I go a little overboard. I listen to Christmas music starting on November 1, my décor could rival Santa’s, I watch Christmas movies every day of the month of December, I buy Twisted Peppermint bath gel, body lotion and body spray the day it’s available (from Bath and Body Works).

My husband likes Christmas music on Christmas. Only on Christmas (and mostly in church). He would prefer to keep the decorations up from about Dec 23 to Jan 1. The only Christmas movies he likes are Elf, Scrooged and Bad Santa (if you can really call that a Christmas movie :-) ) and he really isn’t crazy about our whole bedroom smelling like we stuffed the mattress with candy canes.

But he puts up with it because I love it all (not that he doesn’t grumble and occasionally act like he’s choking when he walks into our bedroom after I’ve put the peppermint lotion on).

I’m a very prolific writer during this time of year too. I think some of it’s the cold weather and snuggling up by the fireplace, but I also think it’s the general spirit—the optimistic, generous, more patient feel that penetrates everything.

Because really, that’s romance. What’s more optimistic than falling in love? Hope for the future, finding something that’s been missing, focusing on something bigger than ourselves. True love makes us better people—a lot like Christmas.

The Night Before ChristmasI love reading Christmas romances, too. My favorite this year is The Night Before Christmas Kensington Brava anthology (Lori Foster, Erin McCarthy, Jill Shalvis, Katherine Garbera, Kathy Love, Kylie Adams). I’ve only written two short stories that are Christmas themed at this point (you can find them on my website but I really want to write a Christmas novel one of these days. So, I’m going to go take some notes… but in the spirit of things I’ll leave you with my Christmas Top Ten list.

  1. Best fun Christmas song: Baby It’s Cold Outside
  2. Best Christmas candy: Salted Peanut Squares 
  3. Best Christmas drink: White Peppermint Hot Chocolate
  4. Best sentimental Christmas movie: It’s A Wonderful Life
  5. Best funny Christmas movie: Elf
  6. Best ABC Family Christmas movie: Snowglobe
  7. Best sentimental Christmas song: O, Holy Night
  8. Best kids Christmas show: A Charlie Brown Christmas
  9. Best Christmas gift: a quilt my hubby had handmade for me (he picked out the colors, pattern, everything!)
  10. Best Christmas memory: getting snowed in with my cousins and grandparents when I was about seven
Use the list above and share one of your favorites to get entered to win a chance at your choice of an ebook copy from my Bradford series! (Just Right, Just Like That or Just My Type, from Samhain).

Just Right: The Bradfords, Book 1  Just Like That: The Bradfords, Book 2   Just My Type: The Bradfords, Book 3

I hope this season, whatever you celebrate, is full of wonderful things and that everyone has a top ten list of favorites and memories they can look back on and smile!


You can reach Erin at her official website, blog, Twitter and Facebook account.

Oooh Erin! What a wonderful idea, I usually start preparing myself for Christmas after December 6th (St. Nicholas or Santa Claus day), but why should I wait, great idea to start watching Christmas movies as of Dec 1! :-D Just like you, I drive my family crazy with my enthusiasm for Christmas, but I think that secretly they enjoy the preparations, the Christmas cookies I bake, the Christmas songs I listen to, it puts them in the mood too :-)

And just like you, I feel the holidays are perfect for romance: for reading romance novels, for watching romantic comedies or listening to great songs, around the holidays my required romance fix increases :-)

Ok, I'll keep it short because I guess people want to enter the giveaway now: thank you Erin for the recipes, will try them out, It's a Wonderful Life is my dad's alltime favourite movie so we watch it every Christmas, thank you for the movie recommendations, will check them out and I agree, Baby It's Cold Outside is a favourite of mine too! :-D

So anyway, here are the


Giveaway is open worldwide and ends on December 26.

Please leave your comment regarding one of your Top 10 Favourites AND your e-mail address (so I can contact you if you win) to be eligible to win.

Thank you Erin for stopping by and sharing the Christmas cheer (and the delicious recipes)! :-)

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