Thursday, 20 January 2011

Introducing the Mini Reviews

Hello Mini!
I have read quite some books which I either don't feel as strongly about so as to warrant a longer and detailed review or I simply don't have much to say about them. I usually incorporated these tidbit reviews in my weekly It's Monday What Are You Reading? posts, but these short reviews weren't listed in the Book Reviews page and couldn't be found. The Mini Reviews will remedy that!

In these Mini Reviews I will tell you in a very condensated way just my main thought/like/dislike about the novel. And of course they will also be enlisted in the main Book Reviews page.

There will be a real avalanche of Mini Reviews in the next few days as I will post those in my previous It's Monday posts.

By the way do you prefer to read shorter or longer reviews? And in short do you mean max 2 paragraphs or 4-5 paragraphs can still go?

ps: Just a clarification: I use .5 star grading, so if you are looking for all 4.5 rated books, you can either see the whole list on the Book Reviews page, or if you click on the 4 stars label (As I don't have .5 star labels I always round off the label ratings, so a 3.5 rated book will get a 3 stars label). I hope it is clear, if not just tell me! :-)

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