Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Ex Libris celebrates its 1st Blogoversary!! Come, celebrate with me! :-D

I created this blog a bit over a year ago: on 30 January 2010 to be precise, that is the day I made my first post (the About Me page). Then on 31 January I went crazy and joined some reading challenges, but the day I posted my very first book review was on 1 February (reviewed Bitten by Kelley Armstrong - I still love that book!), and that is why I consider February the blogoversary of Ex Libris.

And the day has come: Ex Libris is more than 1 year old! I can't believe it, it doesn't seem so long ago when I was awestruck by the beautiful blog designs and not a little intimidated by all the techy stuff thinking I will never be able to do that, and wow, I'm the most amazed how much I learnt in this past year!

I originally created this blog to post my book reviews in one place (and to participate in all the really great reading challenges I saw, I wanted to display the cool challenge buttons ;-p), but it soon turned into so much more!

Today first and foremost I see blogging as a social experience: I am so thankful for all of you: the amazing blogger friends I got to meet, the funny, obsessed but always passionate readers with whom we can talk books for no matter how long and I can't believe all the amazing, wonderfully generous and incredibly friendly authors I have met since I started blogging. I never would have believed if someone told me a year ago that one day I would interact with some of my favourite authors, it is a dream come true! Even wilder than any dream! lol :-D

But one of the biggest thank you goes out to you loyal followers of Ex Libris, I am moved every time I see how many of you are interested in reading my thoughts, and I love reading your comments! Thank you for including Ex Libris in your blogging time and for sharing a part of you in your comments, I love to get to know you better. :-)

Just a few statistics to bore you (and amaze myself ;-p lol):

- My very first follower was Sharon from Sharon Loves Books and Cats - I remember being flabbergasted when I saw the small profile icon appear in my followers box and doing a mental jig at the thought that I had 1 follower! :-D  Now I have 1057, thank you!! :-))

- 393 posts in a year, with 60 book reviews, 11 author interviews and 24 guest posts and 77 giveaways! wow! 

- and... 34787 visits since 4 February 2010 (when I installed the hit counter)! :-D

So now that you bore with me, here is something to reward you:

To make the very 1st blogoversary of Ex Libris really special I have planned a whole month-long celebration with lots of author guest posts, interviews and tons of giveaways!!

There will be at least one guest and a giveaway each day and most of the giveaways will be open worldwide!!

So check back tomorrow for my first guest!

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