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BBA: Interview with Gena Showalter + Giveaway

Dear All,

As you know in March the Book Bloggers Anonymous are discussing The Darkest Night (Book #1 in the Lords of the Underworld series by Gena Showalter) at the BBA Goodreads Group all through March, swing by and join us.

Today as crowning event of our two weeks of everything LOTU goodness I have a very special guest of honour, please give the warmest welcome to

Gena Showalter,

the amazing author of this beloved and praised series!!

Gena was gracious enough to answer all your questions you have previously posted so read on to discover some LOTU secrets and please give Gena a warm welcome!

The Darkest Whisper (Lords of the Underworld)Stella: How did you come up with the idea for the LOTU series? what was the inspiring moment/event?

GS: I never liked how one curious female was blamed for the world’s misery. After a “what if” moment where I wondered what would happen if a man had actually opened the box, a thousand ideas started pouring through my mind. I had to sift through them, figure out what worked and what didn’t, and go from there.

Stella: Have you always loved mythology or is it something that was sparked recently thanks to your novels?

The Darkest Secret (Hqn)GS: I have always loved mythology. I think because I love the possibilities. Anything can happen. Sexy alpha men – gods, shapeshifters, whatever -- with powers beyond imagining. Shiver!

Stella: In your opinion what is the draw to the paranormal genre? What made you decide to write in this genre?

GS: Anything I can think up, I can write about, and the things I dream about can finally have a voice. There’s just something so magical about that.

reading mind: Do you have a favourite part/scene in the series? Quick, tell us the 1st scene that jumps at you!

The Darkest Kiss (Hqn)GS: In The Darkest Kiss, the hero Lucien is able to flash from one location to another with only a thought. The heroine, Anya, is able to do the same. And so begins a chase across the world with different time zones, temperatures and settings. Writing it was a blast.

The Darkest Lie (Hqn)Donna/BLHmistress: When writing Gideon's book , how hard was it to write considering he has the Demon of Lies within him.

GS: I honestly hated writing his book. He was a Nightmare. Yes, I said it. I went there.

@Kr15tina: You have so many characters, how do you choose names for them?

GS: If the characters won’t tell me outright, I go through baby name books until someone pipes up and says, “That’s me!”

The Darkest Passion (Hqn)mary kirkland: Since becoming published what has been your favorite of the whole process?

GS: Holding the finished book in my hand. And hitting the best seller lists. Those two things make me cry like a baby every time.

mary kirkland: What type of research did you do for the Lords of the Underworld Series?

GS: I research as I go, but mostly I just make things up. In fact, dear friend PC Cast calls me the “Queen of Made Up Sh*t”

Gena Showalter's Atlantis Series Bundle@Kr15tina: Do you have a favourite series, one you love a bit more than the other (Atlantis or LOTU)?

GS: Lords of the Underworld. Maybe because I haven’t visited Atlantis in a while.

June M: Do you have a favourite character, and if so who?

GS: Kaia in the upcoming Darkest Surrender is a personal fave. She’s a Harpy, and she has a smart mouth I utterly adore. She’s one of those characters I want to be. Plus, she’s nabbed my man Strider, so...

June M: Who was the most challenging character you have written and why? Which character gave you the most trouble?

GS: I don’t know about most challenging character, but most challenging book is definitely Dark Taste of Rapture, which I’m revising right now. My biggest revision ever, but necessary. I missed the mark big time the first go round.

Demon from the Dark (Immortals After Dark Series, Book 8)Mariee: Who's your favorite author?

GS: Kresley Cole. I want to live in her Immortals After Dark world. Magnificent!

Mariee: If you could write a book in another genre, which one would you choose?

GS: I don’t think I would. Romance is my love.

Mariee: Of all your books which one is your favorite?

GS: Maybe it’s a tie between The Darkest Secret – my author copies just came in and when I held the finished project, I was reminded of my love affair with Amun and Haidee – and Ecstasy in Darkness. I really loved McKell in that one. Something about a grumpy, possessive vampire cranks my chain.

Ecstasy in Darkness (Alien Huntress, Book 5)Paranormal Haven: Your book covers are beautiful, which of them is your favorite?

GS: I’m a huge fan of The Darkest Surrender and Dark Taste of Rapture. I almost had a shiver-meltdown from the beauty of both when they came in.

Paranormal Haven: If your LOTU series could cross over into any other fictional world, what would it be?

GS: The Immortals After Dark world by Kresley Cole. The thought of one of her Valkyries with one of my demon possessed guys...WIN!

donnas1: How do you celebrate when a book is released?

GS: I’m usually too nervous, watching on-line rankings and trying to judge sales. Sales are so hugely important to whether or not a publisher will pick up your next books, and I’m highly OCD, so...bad combo LOL.

Lords of the Underworld BundleMandy: How do you handle so many different series at once? Like, how do you keep all the details straight and characters, etc?

GS: It’s getting more difficult, to be honest, and that’s one of the reasons I haven’t tried to write another Atlantis novel (and currently have no plans to do so, I’m sorry to say).

Mandy: Also, where do you get your inspiration for your hunky characters? I love Gideon, and how did you decide to give him blue hair? :-)

GS: I love punked-out guys. Anytime I can give them a new hair color, another tattoo, a piercing, whatever, I’m all over it!

Carol L: What is your favorite genre to read--when you have time ?

The Darkest PrisonGS: Paranormal romance for sure!

Maria Ramey: I think if I could ask her something I would want to know some of her reactions when things get shown to her about the lords. Like The funnest moment or craziest. How did you react and Did you ever have a moment where you were like "Oh hell no! How am I ever going to write that?"

GS: There are scenes in the upcoming Twisted where I was driven crazy by the characters and the directions they wanted to go. Eventually I just grit my teeth and wrote what they wanted.


Thank you Gena for taking the time and answering all the questions, you are fantastic! :-)

And thank you everyone for coming up with such interesting and fun questions, I hope you enjoyed the interview!

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