Saturday, 5 March 2011

Blogoversary Celebrations Winners!!

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Ex Libris' 1st Blogoversary Celebrations have drawn to an end, and what a fun month it was! :-)

I would like to thank all the amazing authors for their contribution: thank you for the sometimes funny, sometimes touching (personal) posts, for the generous giveaway prizes and for being so active with the commentators. Thank you so much for participating in my Blogoversary Celebrations!!

And thank you dear readers! It was a joy reading all your comments, thank you for sharing all the wonderful personal tidbits about your loved ones, your childhood fears and favourite fairy tales, I loved learning more about you, this was really fun! Let's do it again soon! ;-D

And now without further ado here are the lucky winners:

(winners were drawn with and Mr. was very magnanimous, he only once selected the same winner 3 times: Carole Thompson, you are one lucky lady, favoured by the fates it seems ;-p)

ETA: I've been trying for the last half an hour to track down some winners who unfortunately - despite it being the No.1 requirement for all giveaways - failed to complete the contact form, so I can't get in touch with them despite my best PI efforts, so I've had to redraw a couple of winners, the new winners are in yellow. E-mails have been sent out to everyone!

Winner of the Kiki Howell Giveaway


Winner of the Kersten Hamilton Giveaway


Winner of the Monique Martin Giveaway


Winner of the Brindle Chase Giveaway

Meredith Miller

Winners of the Lori Brighton Giveaway

Winner of the T.K. Varenko Giveaway


Winner of the H.P. Mallory Giveaway


Winner of the Olivia Cunning Giveaway


Winner of the Vivian Arend Giveaway

JoAnna B

Winners of the Zoe Winters Giveaway

US winner: Melissa
International winner: -petit

Winner of the The Haunted E-Book Tour by J.L. Bryan Giveaway


Winner of the Maggie Nash Giveaway


Winner of the Kristie Cook Giveaway

Linda Kish

Winner of the Jess Haines Giveaway


Winner of the Abigail Reynolds Giveaway

Moonlight Gleam

Winner of the Erin Nicholas Giveaway

Carol Thompson

Winners of the Lorraine Heath Giveaway


Winner of the Priya Parmar Giveaway

Barbara Elness

Winners of the Lori Wilde Giveaway

Pat Cochran
Leagh Christensen

Winner of the Susan Bischoff Giveaway


Winner of the Gabi Stevens Giveaway


Winner of the Keta Diablo Giveaway


Winners of the Cupid Gone Wild Tour Giveaway

reading mind
Maria (Mariah)

Winner of the Sonya Bateman Giveaway

winner of Master of None: Anne38
winner of The Getaway: Donna/BLHmistress

Winner of the Angela Henry Giveaway

Mel S

Winner of the Alayna Williams Giveaway


Winner of the Delilah Marvelle Giveaway


Winner of the Lila DiPasqua Giveaway

Sullivan McPig 

Winner of the Carolyn Crane Giveaway

Megan Haskell

Winner of the Laura Lee Guhrke Giveaway

Danielle Gorman

Winner of the Jennifer Estep Giveaway


Congratulations to all winners! I'm in the midst of sending you all congratulatory e-mails, you have 3 days to get back to me (until March 8) or I will have to draw new winners.

If you won a giveaway please fill out the form below so I have your information to send you your prize. Thank you!

You can still enter the last 2 giveaways until Friday March 11, so don't waste your time, enter now:

Thank you everyone for making Ex Libris' first blogoversary celebrations so memorable and fun, can't wait to do it again next year! :-)

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