Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Book Bloggers and Publishers Online Conference - April 13-17 - What is it?

Dear Bloggers!

Old or new, I would like to tell you about an upcoming event you shouldn't miss.

Book Bloggers and Publishers Online Conference - April 13-17

I have to say, last year when I started blogging I've heard of it, but never having been to such a conference didn't really know what to make of it. Later I heard plenty of bloggers, newbie bloggers as well as blogger veterans say what an informative, fun and invaluable conference it was and how much it helped them with some crucial blogging questions.

So this year when I heard it will take place again, I knew I shouldn't miss it, and neither should you!

Here is a first introduction to the event, and as we get nearer to the conference I'll post some more detailed info posts regarding the schedule, panels, participants, etc. Until then, familiarize yourself with the concept, and who better to introduce the conference than Terry Kate, one of the masterminds and chief organizers of the event!

Book Bloggers and Publishers Online Conference - April 13-17
What is it? Oh and if you came last year why join us again?

ANSWERS: The biggest online gathering of publishers and bloggers, getting together to talk about changes in the industry, blogging, and working together. Cause we do. Lets face it - we LOVE books, but that does not mean that we all know very much about the process that brings the book too us. Heck a lot of authors do not understand it totally either.

How does it work?

ANSWER: You log in to the Conference's online network then there are chat rooms, forums, and best of all AUDIO PANELS. Truth: go to a physical conference and you get to watch the panelists as they talk. BUT do you really need to see them? No - they do not have audio visual components to their presentations. The sit there and talk while you are in an uncomfortable seat and you listen. So instead with this you get to sit at home and listen. Plus everything is recorded - if you can not make it live NO BIG DEAL. - you have two months after the Conference to catch up!

Why Come? - cause it ain't free.

ANSWER: Learn about blogging - talk to publishers, network - oh and you will get more then the cost of admittance in free books, as well as making the contacts to potentially get you even more review copies of titles in the future. PS. it is really - really fun.

Who Comes?

ANSWER: We welcome all bloggers, reviewers, readers, authors, and publishers. There are no panels on writing craft for your novel. There are panels on writing reviews. Using your blog and the technology available to you. I will confess - that bloggers of all genres are welcome, but our attendees and guests are heavily Fiction. We also lean towards genre fiction - romance - scifi - urban fantasy - fantasy - horror - thriller - suspense - women's fiction. But blogger time management - commenting - approaching authors and publishers - those are the items that are focused on and they apply to all book blogging.

We are finalizing the panels and publisher list, but already there are 25 publishers attending and 5 days of online panels. Remember EVERYTHING is recorded so that you have access to it even if you can not be there live.

You will have 2 months to catch up on panels forums, and participate with other bloggers.

You can find out more at - BOOK BLOGGERS AND PUBLISHERS ONLINE CONFERENCE - http://bbpcon.blogspot.com/

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