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Book Review: Cinder and Ella by Melissa Lemon

Title: Cinder and Ella
Author: Melissa Lemon
Release Date: 8 November 2011
Number of pages: 208 pages
Publisher: Bonneville Books
Source: review copy provided by publisher via NetGalley
Purchasing Info: Goodreads, Author's blogAmazon
Gist of the book: A loving family gets visited by an evil prince who spreads lies where ever he goes. Unfortunately these evil lies caused a once loving family to become strangers to each other. When the father suddenly one day disappears his two daughters Cinder and Ella are left to keep their family together with no help from their depressed mother. Cinder takes a servants job at the castle which leaves Ella alone to maintain the house hold duties. Sadly Ella’s mother doesn’t even acknowledge her existence calling “Cinderella” when her other two spoiled sisters need tending to. Finally fed up Ella runs away finding herself in a whole load of mysterious circumstances when the evil prince requests her presence at the castle. Will Ella be strong enough to stand up to the evil prince and save her family?

Guest review by Steph

My Thoughts: This is not your typical Cinderella story so if that is what you are expecting you might be disappointed. Yes there are similar aspects like daughters being treated like servants, the name Cinder and Ella and perhaps the ball but other than that not really similar at all.

The plot was very chaotic and I found myself very confused because my questions weren’t being answered. I still pushed through the story like a sleuth trying to find clues to what was going on but *sigh* I just gave up and accepted whatever the story was.

Honestly with this story you have to just accept that the Prince is evil with little knowledge of why and that most of these characters are just simply gullible. I hate to discourage anyone from reading this book but I personally thought it was just not for me. I have read reviews where people absolutely loved it so maybe give it a try.

Verdict: This is not your typical Cinderella story so if that is what you are expecting you might be disappointed.

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