Saturday, 16 July 2011

Favoured by the Others + Giveaway

The week has gone by and the Spotlight on the H&W Investigations series has come to an end. I hope you enjoyed all the posts and had fun! 

I would like to thank all my guests and fellow bloggers and H&W fans for their time and posts, and a huge thank you to Jess for creating the series! As you can see it is favoured by many :-) And we cannot wait for more!! :-D

And to end the festivities with a bang, the lovely Jess Haines offered a signed copy of any of her H&W Investigations novels to a lucky commentator!

You can have your choice of:

 Hunted By The Others  

Taken By The Others (H&W Investigations)

Deceived By The Others (H&W Investigations)

Nocturnal an Anthology with a H&W Investigations novella

All you have to do is tell us what is it you seek in an urban fantasy story/series? Why do you love UF?

Is it because of the action? The thrill? The supernatural species? The romantic storyline? The kickass heroines? The humour?

I know it is usually a combination of all these (well the H&W Investigations series at least has all of it)m but if you had to pick one, which would you?

For me it is the humour. Witty and chuckle-out-loud UF series are my favourite! :-D


1) answer the question: What is it you seek in an urban fantasy story/series? Why do you love UF?

2) leave me a way to contact you (e-mail address, Twitter handle, etc.)

Giveaway is open worldwide and ends on 23 July 2011!

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