Monday, 4 July 2011

Guest post: Modern dating advice….this ain’t no Fairy Tale! by Jackie

Today I have a special treat for you courtesy of Jackie, blogger extraordinaire behind My Ever Expanding Library who shares with us today a series of Cosmo-styled fairy tale advice you could apply to your dating life! So gilfriends grab your martini, mojito, cosmo or whatever's your poison and plop down to hear what Jackie has to say! (Boys are welcome as well, there are some beers too in the fridge) :-D

Modern dating advice….this ain’t no Fairy Tale!

Not the warm and fuzzy you had in mind?

You and your guy have been on several dates and you're totally into each other. Before it gets any more serious, though, you want to take care of the hairy situation at hand.

Offer to pamper your guy, with a massage, mani-pedi, and lots of love. He'll been so thrilled with the attention, he'll barely notice the back waxing. After a successful night looking after your guy, he will no longer be the Beast to your Beauty!

It's Snow joke!

It's time to take that next step and move in together but you face a big problem with your man's roommates...all six of them. While the idea of having seven men around seems like it would work out great for sharing housework, you know you will need some privacy also.

A well staged shower scene, where one of the brothers walks in on you, may help to convince the love of your life that it's in everyone's best interest if you both find a place of your own. Finding balance will mean no small measure of compromise, but the end reward will dwarf your lover's concerns.

If the shoe fits.

Your friends have fixed you up on yet another blind date but you’ve discovered from past experience that shoe wear can be a problem when the need to bolt from said date arises. How does a girl comes across at her best, while wearing run-ready shoes?

Summery wedge style runners can be very complimentary, paired with the right outfit. Eventually, you will find your Prince Charming and can wear all the Louboutin’s and Jimmy Choo’s you wish. Patience is definitely the keyword in today’s tough dating world!

A wolf in granny's clothing.

You've been dating for several months but have discovered the man you hoped was “the One” has a dark secret he’s been hiding. Instead of the rugged manly look, it turns out he prefers dressing up in Granny’s clothing.

While at first it may seem an exciting adventure in naughty dress-up, it’s best to nip this behavior in the bud, before you feel likes it’s eating away at your life. A gentle let down is in order, allowing the man in question to head back into Granny’s closet. Fear not! There will be another man out there, hunting for a woman like you.

Peas in a pod.

After a reasonable waiting period, you’ve finally agreed to an overnight adventure with your guy. Problem: you have an unusual sensitivity to lumpy mattresses.

A little subterfuge may be necessary to hide your inspection of the bed. You’ll need to don that sexy negligee you’ve purchased for exactly this occasion. In a subtle but steamy way, roll around on the bed until you’ve found the least uncomfortable spot for you. Once your night of love has moved towards its sleepy conclusion, make sure you’ve ended up in that perfect spot, while maintaining the post-coital cuddle. Hopefully, your hottie will understand and treat you like the princess you are!

Sometimes you’ve just got to kiss the frog.

It feels like you’ve been dating forever, without any sign of a permanent relationship in sight. As the idea of never meeting Mr. Right becomes imminent, you decide to give it one last chance.

At this point, it may be advisable to think outside the box. Just because the co-worker that’s been crushing on you looks more like Kermit than you would like, this might be the right time to give him a shot. You never know, he may just be a fantastic prince on the inside.

Jackie trudges through her day job as a bookkeeper and diesel emission tester. In her spare time, she imagines her own Prince will come one day to relieve her from her toils, whisking her away to his gothic styled castle with the largest private library ever discovered. Though she would be glad to sing along (badly) with an animated tea pot and cup, she would hope her Prince had another set which she could drink from.

Until then, she can be found with her head in a book or at her blog My Ever Expanding Library, or on Twitter.

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