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Guest post: My relationship with fairy tales: how did it all begin? by Steph from Paper Cut Reviews

Today I am happy to cede the blog and the spotlight to one of my favourite bloggers and wonderful person all around: Steph from Paper Cut Reviews! Steph is an amazing blogger in the sense that she is always buzzing with fantastic ideas on how to include everyone and broaden the blogging community: she is the creator of Book Bloggers Anonymous (the bloggers reading group), the Travelling Book Gnome (a cute gnome accompanying the ARC on a book tour all around the world), the Read It Then Pass It On (giveaway of the books you ahve read), and I could go on. She is like a bottomless well of blogging ideas and I am always looking foward to the next initiative she will spring on us ;-p lol Thank you Steph so much for participating and glad to see our princess obsessions were similar, good to know I wasn't then only one ;-)

So today Steph is here to tell us how her obession.. err.. I mean relationship began with fairy tales:

My relationship with fairy tales: how did it all begin?

When I was a wee lass I loved fairy tales such as Sleepy Beauty, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid and Rapunzel. Do you see a theme here? Yes I loved all things that had to do with a princess! lol! That is why I loved these fairy tales so much and of course my mother would call me her “little princess” so that added to my fairy tale addiction. *Thanks mom* I can remember loving to read, watch and listen to these four specific fairy tales like every day and night. lol! Hey you know how kids can be *shrugs* when they love something they wear it out. I had VHS tapes *80’s baby here*, dolls and clothing of these characters so yes I was a total fan girl=)

Sleeping Beauty (Two-Disc Platinum Edition)  The Little Mermaid Trilogy

Looking back when I was a “little princess” I really loved the idea of fairy tales. They were simply magical and the non-realistic rules like talking animals or a girl who is half fish are real at least in this fairy tale world. I think it is important to encourage imagination and creativity especially in children so these tales are a good way to achieve that. Not to mention most tales have a good message that the reader learns at the end which can be a good teaching tool as well. Right now at the old age of *not telling* I’m still captivated by fairy tales because they bring a warm remembrance of my childhood and when I one day have a little whipper snapper I will read he or she these same fairy tales and hope they will love them just as much=)

Thanks for listening! A big thank you to Stella for having me over on your fabulous blog!

This princess grew up in a land where the city was windy.

She wanted to be a ballerina, baseball player, basketball star, archaeologist, ice skater, tap dancer... she wanted to be a lot of things. She pursued each and every dream whole heartedly yet always seemed dissatisfied. Until one day... when the moons and the stars aligned, when the storm was weathered, when the end of the rainbow had a leprechaun holding a pot of gold, she found...


It was mind blowing! Amazing! Unexplainable euphoria! What a life one can make! To follow and to be followed, to read and to review, to tweet and to post... which leads me to interact with wonderful people like you! =)

You can find out more about Steph at her blog Paper Cut Reviews, on Goodreads or Twitter.

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