Thursday, 7 July 2011

Guest post: What boys really think about fairy tales by Lisa

Today I am ceding the blog to Lisa, who is took on the challenge of investigating what boys think of fairy tales. So she donned on the mandatory super sleuth trench coat, picked the sunglasses and went in the shady and unknown underworld to investigate the mystery (= she nicely asked her little boys what they thought ;-D). So please give a warm welcome to Lisa and read on to see what boys really think of fairy tales.

Hi everyone, I am Lisa from Lisa’s World of Books. I thought I would do something a little bit different and see what my boys who are ages 9 and 10 have to say about fairy tales and if they notice anything in their newer books that they have maybe read about in traditional fairy tales. As adults we are aware of the move toward retelling the old in new ways, but I wanted to know if they noticed it as well. So let’s see what they had to say.

First my oldest, A, who is 10 and will be going into the 6th grade in the fall, right off the bat he says that there are not a lot of stories that start with “Once upon a time” and for him that means that they are not really fairy tales because almost all of the stories in his fairy tale book start that way. But as I asked him if he has any stories like a fairy tale or have the same message he was able to come up with quite a few stories but really kept coming back to The Dark of the Woods which he read in school last year. He said that what is different is there is more action and fun in that book that the old fairy tales that are in his words boring. I think we can see what is important to him.
My youngest, B, is 9 and he will be going into 4th grade in the fall. I could not pin him down on books that he has read that remind him of older fairy tales but he wanted to talk about writing stories. So his take is he like to take old fairy tales, especially The Three Pigs, and make the story different and twist things up to make his own story. This is the kid who has probably 10 notes books full of stories, lists of names, and games he has created for himself. I guess he sees what so many authors do and that is a way to make the old new again and reintroduce us all to the power of a great story.

Lisa has always dreamed of living a fairy tale life but has settled on working for a major auto manufacture as a quality analyst in their call center in Michigan. By night, she is a blogger and mom of two young boys. Her favorite fairy tale is Little Red Riding Hood and would love to live in the woods far away from the real world to raise her horses, turtle and cat.

You can find Lisa at her blog Lisa's World of Books, on Twitter and Facebook.

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