Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The H&W Investigations Series: Even Pigs Like It! by Sullivan McPig

Today I have a special treat for you! My guest of honour is none other than the well known Sullivan McPig, the one and only blogger/reviewer pig who - as his fans would surely know - is a No. 1 fan of Jess Haines series! So I had no doubt he would be on board to celebrate the release of Deceived by the Others, the only detail giving me pause was hoping he could find a tiny slot for me in his very busy schedule. But Sully (as only his friends and fans are allowed to call him) is not Shia's No. 1 fan for nothing: he cleared his schedule, made himself available, just to be here today to speak to you about why the H&W Investigations series is a must-read for any urban fantasy lover!

Please give it up for Sullivan McPig!

Hunted By The OthersI will confess I’m not a H&W fan from the first hour so to speak. I did see Hunted by the Others on other blogs and it sounded cool enough that I put it on my wish list, but there are so many books on there that I kept skipping over it for other books.

And then there was a contest/giveaway for an ARC of Taken by the Others on one of the blogs I follow.

Taken By The Others (H&W Investigations)One of the questions Jess asked to everyone who entered was if you were willing to buy and read Hunted by the Others if you were lucky enough to win the ARC. As I answered yes to that question I knew the time had come to get HBTO off my wish list and into by bookcase wether I’d win the ARC of TBTO or not. I ordered HBTO on my next book buying spree and once it arrived and I read it I was hooked!

HBTO is awesomely brilliant and funny and unique even though it uses many elements that have been used to death in UF, but the way Jess uses them they’re fresh and new. (I’ll confess something else now: while reading HBTO I was convinced Jess must be a roleplayer just like me and if not then she must have roleplaying friends. I arranged an interview with Jess to find out if I was right. (Yes, I’m that obsessed with finding out things about Jess and her books :-p))

NocturnalAfter HBTO I just had to get my trotters on more books by Jess Haines and I ordered Nocturnal, an anthology which has a novella by Jess featuring Arnold, one of my favourite characters from HBTO. After reading that story I was officially in love with Jess and her writing and since then I’ve been stalking her and her blog to learn first hand when I can get my greedy trotters on more of Jess’ Pearls.

The rest is history as they say.

Deceived By the Others (H&W Investigations)Jess continues to amaze me by writing awesome book after awesome book, making me experience a wide range of emotions with all the action, intrigue, humor, betrayal, love, friendship and awesomeness (Yes, I know I’m saying awesome a lot, but that’s just inescapable when talking about Jess’ books.) and if you haven’t read any of her books yet I can only say you should as they’re better than chocolate! (and book 5 will most probably have zombies!!!!!)

And now for something different:

Voodoo Bride also loves Jess’ books (that‘s to say… mainly she loves Royce), so she cast herself and some of our friends as the characters from HTBO as a tribute to Jess and her H&W series.

Well…. These three should be easy to guess:

In the middle you see Voodoo Bride who thinks she’d make a lovely Shia.
(I think she just wants to play Shia so she can get intimate with Royce.)

On the left we have the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, Chaz, played by Midas.

And on the right: Bad Bunny Royce, played by Bad Bunny.

And cast as Arnold and Sara: me and Olivia.

(Hey: if Voodoo Bride casts a pretty pig like Olivia as Sara I want in on the action!)

You can find and follow Sullivan McPig's adventures and book reviews on his blog and Twitter.

Thank you Sully for the entertaining post and once again I cannot say how grateful I am you could find it in your busy pig schedule to clear out a spot for this event, I appreciate the sacrifice!

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