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The Men of Jess Haines’s H&W Investigation Series - Guest post by Katiebabs

Today I bring you the last guest post of the Spotlight on H&W Investigations event, this time by none other than Katiebabs from  Babbling ABout Books, and More! (fear not though, there are still a few posts coming, but Kate is my last guest).

Kate is here to talk about the men in the H&W Investigations series, because let's be honest, they are crucial to the story and our enjoyment of the novels ;-) But I'll leave it to Kate to introduce you to the male main cast.

The Men of Jess Haines’s H&W Investigation Series
by Katiebabs

When I was asked to post about why I really enjoy Jess’s H&W Investigation Series, I automatically knew I would be talking about the male characters Jess has created. I admit it, I’m all into the man candy, and the H&W Investigation Series sure does have some hunky men to drool over if you’re a female reader, or ones to admire, if you happen to be a male reader.

There are 4 main men that Jess has created that brings some nice flavor into the series…

First off there’s Chaz, who at the moment I want to strangle and maybe even run down with my car (You find out why in Deceived by the Others). Chaz is Shia’s former werewolf boyfriend. Even though Chaz does become furry at certain times of the month, he’s a fierce protector and leader of his local werewolf pack, and is courting Shia heavy time to make up for keeping his werewolfness a secret. Chaz has a buff body, but is also every relaxed and the type who would enjoy spending a day at the beach or romping around in the woods. I see Chaz as a cross between Ryan Philippe and Jason Momoa.

Alec Royce is a smooth, debonair, master manipulator vampire who may or may not want to seduce Shia into becoming his lover. Royce is also very protective of Shia for reasons he keeps to himself. He enjoys taunting Shia because he knows deep down inside she finds him attractive, but because he’s a vampire and has a big ego, she keeps him at arm’s length. Royce screams money and power. To me, Royce would be perfectly played by Julian McMahon or perhaps Colin Farrell.

Devon… ah Devon. I adore Devon with everything I have inside of me. I claimed him, so HANDS OFF! Why? Because Devon is based on my future husband.

Devon is all human male and a warrior who has taken it upon himself to become Shia’s backup against those enemies who want to do her in. He’s quick with a gun and always on his toes. I can only imagine what he would be like in bed… ahem.

Then there is Arnold, the mage who I see as an adorable nerd. Arnold has the brains and makes sure Shia knows what she’s up against. For some reason I see Arnold as an older Daniel Radcliffe. (I blame it on the whole Harry Potter phenomena)

So, if you had to envision what the men of the H&W Investigation would look like, what type of eye candy would you pick? Pictures are always welcome ;)

You can find Katiebabs at her blog: Babbling About Books, and More!, Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads. 

Wow, it seems Kate is telepathic because when I first read of Devon, I also pictured him as Ryan Reynolds! :-D And I agree both Julian McMahon and Daniel Radcliffe would be perfect for playing Royce and Arnold :-)
So what do you think? Does the male cast of the H&W Investigations series pique your curiosity? Trust us, these are some guys you'd enjoy getting to know better, so grab your copy and say hello to the boys :-)

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