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Rootin’ for Alec Royce! Hands off ladies! He’s ALL MINE! - Guest post by Kate

Today I am happy to cede the blog to a fellow blogger after my own heart: someone else for whom there can be no question with whom Shia belongs, and that is of course Alec Royce! The quiet yet powerful vampire who oozes intensity, is always in the background and there for Shia whenever she needs help. It is clear he wants her but doesn't rush her, gives her time and space to let her come to him on her own time and terms. So please read on to see why Kate from  YzhaBella’s BookShelf roots for Alec Royce!

Rootin’ for Alec Royce! Hands off ladies! He’s ALL MINE!
by Kate

He’s suave and debonair, calculating and fierce. One of the eldest vampires in the USA, Alec Royce has wealth and power beyond measure. With narrow minded determination and a façade which makes him seem utterly lacking in compassion or empathy, Alec is not someone you want to be messing with…well, then again…

Hunted By The OthersI’ve made it no secret, I got’s a big ‘ol girly crush on Alec Royce! Haines may have set out to make us all think he’s a terd, but this reader can read between the lines! With a prominent role in Hunted By The Others and Taken By The Others, Alec will leave the ladies gushing while we’re all still trying to determine if he’s really the grouchy bad azz bad boy he seems or if it is all just an act.

In my review of Taken By The Others (found here), I mentioned my penchant for Alec Royce and that regardless of how Jess Haines has described my Mr. Yummy, I’ve had a definite “picture” of what Mr. Alec Royce, “Bad Boy, Ancient Elder, Vampire Extraordinaire” would look like. As with many an avid reader, when I read a book my brain “pictures” the words like a filmstrip and from word one, I’ve been feasting my “eyes” on this loverly, luscious hunk of a man!...(sorry, ‘scuse the drool!)

To take an excerpt from my TBTO review: Nummy Nummy! It’s Alexander Skarsgård better known as Eric Northman from HBO’s True Blood Series! He’s HOT, and dangerous, egotistical and powerful, conniving and one of the most powerful members of the vampire community…who owns a night club! Oh, and have I already mentioned that he’s really d*m*ed HOT! (*fans self profusely just thinking about that hot muscular sexy “wanna gobble him up” body…him!

*Sigh*, cough, cough. Anywho, let’s get on with it shall we?

Haines has left no doubt that Alec is a powerful force to be reckoned with. I think there are still plenty of nummy tid bits we have yet to learn about Mr. Royce and I honestly don’t think anyone will be disappointed at what lies beneath the surface!

Deceived By The Others (H&W Investigations)Sadly, Alec was not a huge part of Deceived By The Others, but Haines did see fit to leave us with a closing that will leave this reader daydreaming of what is to come. I have a very good idea that H&W Investigations Book 4 is finally taking this series in the romantic direction that I’ve been rooting for all along! I could be wrong but hey, a girl can fantasize can’t she? The anticipation of this particular discovery will be one very hard to reign in while waiting for the next installment!

In case I haven’t been clear, (Lmao, yeah right!) I am a huge fan of Jess Haines and her H&W Investigations urban fantasy series and for all you ladies who haven’t started this adventure yet, what the heck are you all waiting for! Run out and grab all three books as soon as you can! I bet you won’t be disappointed!

For more reviews of the first 3 books in this wild H&W Investigations adventure, please feel free to check out my review of:

Thanks Stella, for letting me blabber and gush all over your beautiful blog space! It’s been a pleasure to write this Guest Post and a delight to appear on Ex Libris for your VIP Special Event!


You can find Kate at her blog: YzhaBella’s BookShelf, Facebook, Goodreads and Shelfari. 

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