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The Secret Dreamworld of a Guest Blogger - Guest post by Birgit

The Secret Dreamworld of a Guest Blogger
by Birgit

My name is Birgit and I'm a book blogger.

Nah. Scratch that. Makes me sound like AA will come for me any minute. Besides, this isn't the most creative opening line to a guest post, now is it? Alright, this can't be so hard. After all I am a blogger, a book blogger at that, and I've written plenty of posts on my own blog. Hmmm … maybe I need to get into the right state of mind. I need to channel Stella. So maybe making a screenshot of her blog and putting it as a poster on the wall over my computer might help me get into the groove. Or is this too eccentric?

Note to self: Do not mention screenshot in your guest post!

Today I'm a guest in Stella's humble home of reading and bookaholic addiction.

A warm welcome to all her readers, making them feel nice and cozy in her bookish home. I like that, in fact … wait a minute! 1446 followers? This is an awfully big home, humble or not! That's by no definition “just a home”. More like a small town. Don't panic! Just because I'm not used to so many readers, doesn't mean I need to stress. On the contrary. 1446 people will be reading my guest post and cling to … every … single … word. I can woo them with my brilliant mind. Unless, of course, my post sucks and all 1446 readers will feel this sudden urge to slay me, because I don't live up to their expectations. Then again, maybe, if I'm lucky, only 948 wanna-be slayers will actually read it, but that will still translate to 948 stakes being aimed at me. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! Let me take a deep breath now. It doesn't have to end so tragically. On the contrary! I could use the “suck and slay” as intro to my guest post! Everyone loves vampires these days! People will love me! I could even make a little joke about inviting blood sucking readers into Stella's home. All you have to do is knock on the computer screen. I'm a genius, that's what I am. All I need now is a smooth transition from sucking and slaying to, well, the rest of the guest post. If only I could think of something, anything … darn it, those stakes are kind of distracting!

Note to self: Do not make vampire jokes!

Welcome to my guest postus at Ex Libris!

Maybe I should look up the correct Latin translation for “guest post”. Then again, who but Stella would know the difference? How many of her many followers could possibly be fluent in Latin? Let's not even go there. Stella will take it as a wee little joke and chuckle a bit. Hopefully. There is also the slight possibility she'll be seriously displeased by my choice of words. I could explain to her that I sorta copied her book review rating for this purpose. Novellus and postus. Both end with “us”. Could this make any more sense than it already does? If I rack my brain, I can almost remember a lot of “us” endings during those two years I had Latin in school. Unfortunately that was like 20 years ago. Make that 25 years. My memory ain't what it used to be. And this smells like a rejection with a huge “Guest Postus Horrendus” print across the page.

Note to self: Do not use any Latin words. At all.

Want to know what happens when you ask Stella to write a guest post for your blog? She'll *cough* borrow *cough* the idea, consequently sending out e-mails to fellow bloggers in which she blames you for the short-notice-pressure of having to compose a guest post. She'll even include a link to your blog, so everyone knows where to find the person with the “good idea of having a couple of guest bloggers over while on vacation”. Seeing how the idea was not only fantastic, but also mine, how could I ever decline?

Let's see. This is sweet and simple, a bit cheeky, but downright honest. And the last sentence even rhymes! I think that, possibly maybe, I have finally found my opening lines, woohoo!!

Note to self: Send to Stella before you change your mind aka revive those vampires!

You can find me on my blog The Book Garden or on Facebook.

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