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Book Review: Sins of the Angels by Linda Poitevin

Title: Sins of the Angels
Author: Linda Poitevin
Series: Book #1 in the Grigori Legacy series
Release Date: 27 September 2011
Number of pages: 336 pages
Publisher: Ace Books
Source: ebook provided by publisher through NetGalley
Purchasing Info: Goodreads, Author's Website, Amazon, Book Depository

Grade: 4.5 stars

Novellus superbus!
Goodreads appetizer: A detective with a secret lineage. An undercover Hunter with a bullet-proof soul. And a world made to pay for the sins of an angel…

Homicide detective Alexandra Jarvis answers to no one. Especially not to the new partner assigned to her in the middle of a gruesome serial killer case—a partner who is obstructive, irritatingly magnetic, and arrogant as hell.

Aramael is a Power—a hunter of the Fallen Angels. A millennium ago, he sentenced his own brother to eternal exile for crimes against humanity. Now his brother is back and wreaking murderous havoc in the mortal realm. To find him, Aramael must play second to a human police officer who wants nothing to do with him and whose very bloodline threatens both his mission and his soul.

Now, faced with a fallen angel hell-bent on triggering the apocalypse, Alex and Aramael have no choice but to join forces, because only together can they stop the end of day.

My Thoughts: It has been some time when I last read a book which sucked me in and held me in such death grip that I couldn't go to sleep and had to stay awake until 3am (on a weekday!) until I finished the story. And even after that I was pulsing with excitement and if I had Book #2 on hand I have no doubt I would have started reading it right away, not caring that I would have to get up in 4 short hours to go to work. That's how thrilling and amazing Linda Poitevin's urban fantasy debut novel is!

I was completely enthralled by Linda Poitevin's lyrical prose, her poetic descriptions were so evocative and vivid, the raw emotions squeezing my own heart:

The ache exploded, scattering its searing fragments throughout his body, spreading until it claimed every corner of his being as its own.
Her throat closed. Memories shifted in the long-ignored recesses of her mind, then began rising to the surface. Shit. She tried her damnedest to stop what she knew was coming, but her attempts shredded like tissue-paper boats adrift in a hurricane. Ruthless images stabbed at her, each leaving a new hole in her decades-old defenses.

The complexity of the worldbuilding and how every minor detail was thought out was fascinating. In the Grigori Legacy series Linda Poitevin builds on common religious views and puts her own twist on them. I really enjoyed those parts of the novel where I learned more about the angel hierarchy and how the system works (that for example humans can reject their own guardian angels).

And now time for me to talk about the main characters.

Alex, our emotionally scarred heroine is a weathered and kickass cop. She lost her parents at an early age and tried her best to escape the shadows and nightmares of her traumatic childhood which still haunt her.  Her strength and her not-backing-down attitude made her a worthy partner and opponent to any warrior angel, but it was her humanity and vulnerability which made her relatable and endeared her to me. And of course her dry humour was wonderful in lightening up the darkness of the story.

In face of Aramael's "irritating behaviour"(=every single breath he takes according to Alex's opinion):
Alex summoned up a saccharine smile and reminded herself that cops had a moral obligation not to commit murder.

Aramael is an angel like no other you have heard/read about. He is no white-robed, peaceful and pure messenger of God, oh no, he is a fierce, cursing, dark and dangerous, warrior kind of angel.
Her partner, but not her partner, at the center of the kitchen, with massive wings rising more than a foot above his head and trailing nearly to the floor. Golden wings, their feathers alive with a fire that seemed to surround each and every one of them. Shimmering, pulsing, hypnotically beautiful fire.
I can't tell you how happy I was to see that Aramael wasn't one of those too-good-to-do-anything-interesting ninny angels, but a vibrant, dangerous, sword-wielding-warrior-of-Heaven kind of angel. The kind of angel which is much closer to the original depiction of angels in the Bible than that of current pop culture. Aramael's presence was impressive: whenever he was on the scene it was like a magnetic pull, not only Alex but the reader was drawn to him all the while knowing, feeling that this pull might be something fatal like flame to the moth, but impossible to resist nonetheless.

The chemistry between Alex and Aramael was earth-shattering. The air between these two pulsed with so much current that it was palpable even across the pages. Both Alex and Aramael are extremely well fleshed out, strong characters and together they are a force to reckon with. The forbidden nature of their relationship heightens the tension of their undeniable attraction to each other, an attraction both of them tries to fight, but which proves to be more powerful than their ability to resist.
"I can’t feel this way about you," he muttered at last. Embers glowed among the ashes now. "I can’t," he snarled. "Don’t you understand? You have become the most important thing in my existence, and I am crippled by your very presence. Caim remains free because I cannot track him, cannot feel him. Because all I can feel is you."
What shook me was that the pull between Alex and Aramael ran deeper than just a physical, sexual attraction. They had a deeper connection, something which still remained a bit of a msytery at the end of Sins of the Angels and I cannot wait to learn and read more about them.

Besides the main characters Linda Poitevin introduces some interesting and entertaining supporting characters who I can't wait to see more of in later books (*hint* I'm talking of you Seth *hint*).

"Remember that, above all else, I demand faith from my angels. Not just trust."

Verdict: Sins of the Angels is a dark urban fantasy novel like you haven't read before. It is electric, thrilling and extremely intelligent. Linda Poitevin's worldbuilding is rich and layered and her writing is excellent. A fantastic new series which will appeal to urban fantasy, paranormal romance and thriller fans!

Plot: 9/10
Characters: 9/10
Writing: 10/10 - wonderful!
Ending: 9/10
Cover: 10/10 - love it!

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