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Book Review: Thrill Me by Lucianne Rivers

Title: Thrill Me
Author: Lucianne Rivers
Series: Book #2 in the Caldwell Sisters series
Release Date: 6 September 2011
Number of pages: 80 pages
Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Source: ebook provided by publisher through NetGalley
Purchasing Info: Goodreads, Author's Website, Amazon

Grade: 4 stars

Novellus superbus!
Goodreads appetizer: Santa Fe Police Detective Margo Caldwell needs a vacation, but the wild goose chase her mother’s death triggers isn’t quite what she had in mind. Margo and her sisters must locate their father, or the Caldwell estate will remain unsettled—and they’ll never know why their father didn’t return from the Gulf War.

Pursuing a lead, Margo heads to the Virgin Islands in search of Zach Caldwell. To navigate the waters of the Caribbean, she needs a boat and a captain. Too bad Captain Adrian Prince, with his mesmerizing muscles and wicked grin, may be gunrunner.

Adrian takes Margo on his delivery route to small islands near St. Thomas that hide more than wildlife, booze, and sexy boaters. On a remote, mangrove-ridden patch of sand, they find gun-toting Zach Caldwell. When their mission turns deadly, Margo must save Adrian’s life—and her own—even if she loses her heart in the process.

My Thoughts: Thrill Me is the second novel in Lucianne Rivers' Caldwell Sisters trilogy and it's Margo's tale, telling the story of what happened when she flew off to the Virgin Islands to look for their father.

Even though she is young (in her mid-twenties), Margo is serious and judicious, which is due partly to her responsible job (she is a police detective) and due to the grave illness and death of her mother. Despite being cold headed and prudent, Margo's passion heats up when she glances Adrian Prince, the young man who will sail her to the neighbouring islands in search of her father.

Adrian is a couple of years even younger than Margo but he is much more mature and responsible than his 24 years would make the reader think. I have to admit, that if Margo didn't remind me quite frequently of the fact I would have completely forgotten he was so young because he was and acted

Adrian is make-your-mouth-water-gorgeous, as Margo describes him:
he was one of those guys who was too hot to ever sleep alone.
When he turned, she caught a glimpse of toned buttocks and taut hamstrings. If she never slept with another man, she could be happy. She’d reached Nirvana just looking at Adrian.

The chemistry between these two flares up in no time and if I thought Hold Me was sizzling hot, then Thrill Me is scorching! Keep that fan on hand, because you will need it!
Margo was wet and ready. She wanted him now. And, yes, her prince would come. All over her.

Besides the inflammable love scenes I also enjoyed witnessing the gradual development of Adrian and Margo's relationship and love, the growth of which Lucianne Rivers made natural and credible.
Adrian surrendered to the blackness, knowing he would either die with the vision of Margo seared into his brain or wake up unable to forget her.

What made me like Margo from the very beginning was her unique and quite morbid, dry humour:
"You’re really strong," he said.
"I have a freak gene.That’s really why I’m trying to find my dad, to see if he’s a superhero or something."

Though I found the mystery plot a bit too extraordinary, I reckon that it gave the excitement and danger necessary to the evolution of Adrian and Margo's relationship.

I applaud Lucianne Rivers for not rushing Margo and Adrian into a fairy tale-sunset HEA but keeping the ending real and believable.

Verdict: In Thrill Me Lucianne Rivers ups everything: the suspense plot is more thrilling, the chemistry is more explosive and somehow she managed to pack even more heat in Thrill Me than in Hold Me, which I didn't think was possible.

Thrill Me was a worthy sequel to Hold Me and now I am even more excited to read Entice Me the final story in the Caldwell Sisters trilogy!

Plot: 7/10
Characters: 8/10
Writing: 10/10
Ending: 9/10
Cover: 8/10 - once again so very atmospheric and exotic

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