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Guest post: Tapping Intuition in Paranormal Romance by Carolyn Fruzzetti + Giveaway

Today I welcome to the blog Carolyn Fruzzetti part of the author duo behind the exciting new YA title SUNDIAL. In case you haven't heard of this book before now is your chance and stick to the end, you could even win yourself a copy! So please give a warm welcome to Carolyn!

Thanks to Stella for hosting us today! We’re excited to discuss the role of intuition in paranormal romance and to introduce readers to our hero and heroine.

Tapping Intuition in Paranormal Romance: SUNDIAL takes Mind Games to the Next Level

Listening to that Inner Voice

The dictionary definition of intuition is “quick and ready insight; immediate apprehension.” It is sensing and evaluating the time between foresight and hindsight and predicting when an idea or concept will become reality. Incredibly, we all have the gift of intuition and it’s up to us what we do with it.

Practice Makes Perfect

As humans, nature provided us not with the sharpest teeth but with the biggest brains. Intuition is an internal warning that goes off when the information is there--usually that there is some sort of hazard or danger. This warning goes by many names: a hunch, a gut feeling, and woman’s intuition to name a few. Whatever you call it, this feeling helps humans survive by giving them an inside track that they may be in a vulnerable situation (if a person is smart enough to pay attention to it). And, the cool fact is, the more you use your intuition the better you get.

Meet SUNDIAL’s ‘Super’ Couple

Whitney Forbes is highly intuitive and, as a result, she carefully evaluates every situation. Dating is no exception and she knows the risks: rejection, disappointment, incompatibility or the one that she usually finds herself--totally bored. That is, until she meets Reid Wallace. Suddenly she finds herself anything but bored as he begins to run into her in the school halls (literally) and amps up his flirtation to the point she can’t deny he is interested in her.

Reid is the most popular guy in school but that fact does not give him any leniency in Whitney’s mind. If anything, Whitney scrutinizes him all the more since her idea of “blending in” does not include being dragged into the school spotlight.

One thing Whitney knows for certain is that Reid unnerves her by the way he seems to know a lot more about her than she cares to admit. Usually, she is the one who knows too much--and her intuition is telling her there is something about him that sets him apart.

SUNDIAL begins with her trying to figure out if she’s afraid of Reid or if she’s afraid of dating Reid and risking her heart. She will have to make a decision and soon...


Unexpectedly, the prickling sensation of my intuition going into overdrive shivered across my skin. It became more intense as Reid got closer...The closer he came, the more my skin tingled. The hair on my arm felt like iron filings being attracted by a magnet. This kind of response didn’t make sense. I knew he didn’t have extrasensory perception. I recognized that rare trait in someone else immediately.

Others with extrasensory perception gave me a feeling I could only describe as relief. It was comforting when I didn’t have to disguise how I knew information. Reid did not give me a feeling of relief. He made me feel hyperalert. Why was he causing this sort of reaction?
Reid embraced my shoulder like a fellow conspirator. “I wasn’t sure Liz would have known what to do with a soccer ball heading in her direction. You seemed like a more logical choice. The dirt on your legs it was a dead giveaway,” he said in a low voice with a hint of a smile. I could smell peppermint in his mouth.

The touch of his hand on my arm made my heart jump-start. I dulled my escalating pulse by contemplating him with my hazel eyes. What a flirt, I thought to myself.

Reid smiled and patted my shoulder as if to tell me to keep up the good work. Then he walked away. p.4

So, what’s your intuition telling you about Reid? Why is he so hard for Whitney to read and do you think he is hiding secrets of his own?

SUNDIAL by C.F. Fruzzetti and M.I. Pearsall

Teenager Whitney Forbes thought her biggest problem was surviving high school and determining if there was more to handsome Reid Wallace than just his looks and popularity. She was wrong; her problems were about to get a lot more complicated. Whitney always knew she was special. But when she discovers she is more “special” than she ever imagined, surviving another school day takes on a whole new meaning. Caught in the middle of a CIA plot and her undeniable magnetic attraction to Reid, she will need to decide who she can trust and what it means to become the Sundial...before she risks her heart and an alarming plan goes into motion. Will she have what it takes to not only survive but also prevail? Time brings the truth to light in this epic adventure about love, trust and the process of turning adversity into advantage.

For more information about SUNDIAL, please visit http://sundialbook.com/


Carolyn generously offers an ebook copy of SUNDIAL to a lucky commenter!

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