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Interview with Mia Marlowe + Giveaway

Today I am very happy to welcome to Ex Libris Mia Marlowe, author of many acclaimed and beloved historical romance novels (such as the Touch of Seduction seriesImproper Gentlemen and several novels written under the penname of Emily Bryan).

A Duke for All Seasons, Mia Marlowe’s new e-novella, has hit the Top 100 Regency Romance Kindle list. But Mia isn't taking the credit. She says she owes it all to her readers. Here's why:

How did A Duke for All Seasons get started?

First of all, thanks for having me here today. I started writing this novella as a serial story on my website back in January 2010. I posted a chapter a month and asked readers to weigh in on which way they'd like the story to turn. It was great fun and I learned right away that I had some of the most creative readers on the planet! Then half-way through the year, my agent called with contracts for 5 novels and a novella for two publishers. I had to shelve my Duke unfinished while I completed those books. (Check my Coming Soon page to see what's heading your way!) But I always felt I owed it to my readers to find out how Sebastian and Arabella's love story ended. So far, my reader feedback has been terrific!

A Duke for All Seasons is self-pubbed. Does this mean you aren't writing for print publication any longer?

My agent and I made the decision to self-pub Duke because we wanted to offer it free for a limited time to readers who signed up for my newsletter. Now it's available for both Kindle and Nook. And there are more ebooks planned, but I also have 4 print titles coming next year. Two are collaborations with NY Times bestseller Connie Mason, which was such a treat! And the next two installments of my Touch of Seduction series will come out. I love the feel of a real book and want to make my stories available to readers in that format too. Plus I love working with my editors at Sourcebooks and Kensington.

However, over the last year, I've become addicted to reading on my phone. I love carrying my library in my pocket! So it makes sense to make sure my books are available to ebook readers too.

What do you love and hate about the writing process?

I'm a linear pantser, which means I follow my characters around. The problem comes when the characters refuse to take cohesive shape in my mind. Until I know them and all their deepest secrets, I can't tell their story.

I love having written. Revising is playtime to me.

Is there any particular playlist or group you listen to when you write?

I choose a movie soundtrack for my background noise. There are no distracting lyrics and a wide range of emotions are expressed. Touch of a Thief was written to Shakespeare in Love, and my upcoming Sins of the Highlander came together with strains of Braveheart in my ears.

What do you do when you’re not writing?

I play with my dogs, Mack and Harry or noodle on the piano. My undergrad major was voice but I'm marginally ok on the keyboard. Proficient enough to sympathize with my Regency heroines who were expected to entertain the family with impromptu recitals in the parlor!

What authors have a permanent spot on your bookshelf?

Sherry Thomas, Grace Burrowes, Ashley March, Deanna Raybourn, Loretta Chase, Shana Galen, Mary Jo Putney, Victoria Alexander, Diana Gabaldon... The list goes ever on and on...

What big thing do you want to do that you haven’t done yet?

I would love to retire my DH and make him my boytoy! He's been so supportive of my writing, even to the point of doing housework and laundry so I can meet a deadline. If that's not hero material, I don't know what is.

Now for the quick responses: Coke or coffee?

Cherry Coke Zero! It makes me feel spoiled when I drink it.

Big breakfast or a donut on the run?

I get the shakes if I have too much sugar, so I'll take a cheese omelet please.

Do you agree that Starbucks is THE evil empire that must be destroyed?

We used to live in Seattle where there really is a Starbucks on every corner. Here in Boston, it's Dunkin Donuts. Since I'm a Cherry Coke Zero fiend, I can't find too much outrage in my soul against or for either of those coffee peddlars.

Dead tree books or e books?

Both! Though since I'm a condo dweller at the moment, the space savings of ebooks is something I can't overlook.

Mac or Windows?

Windows. Macs are nice, but pretty spendy and I'm the thrifty sort.

Where can we find you on the web?

You can find me on Twitter, Facebook and of course at my cyberhome

Is there anything you’d like to say to the readers?

Yes! I'd love to offer a copy of Improper Gentlemen to a random commenter, so be sure to let me know you were here. Here's a question to get the discussion started:

What's the most attractive quality in a hero?

Or you can ask me anything. Really. I mean anything. However, remember that I'm a fiction writer. If I don't know the answer, I'll make something up! ;-)

Thanks so much for having me today. Your site is a delight!


As Mia said above she is giving away a copy of Improper Gentlemen to a lucky commenter!

All you need to do is:

1) answer Mia's question: What's the most attractive quality in a hero?
2) and leave me a way to contact you (e-mail address, Twitter Handle, etc.)

Giveaway is open worldwide and ends on 19 October 2011!

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