Sunday, 2 October 2011

October is NetGalley month!

It's that time again! What time? Well when Emily from Red House Books is once again organizing a NetGalley Month! Those who participated in the April and/or July NetGalley month know all about it, but those of you who haven't heard about it let me tell you what this mean.

It is a wonderful initiative of Emily to make a dent in our huge TBR (to-be-reviewed) pile of NetGalley ARCs. So she created a challenge, declaring October NetGalley month, the objective is to read (and possibly review) as many NetGalley books as you can. If you want to motivate yourself in making a dent in your huge virtual NetGalley book pile then sign up and let us cheer you on! :-)

Thank you Emily for organizing it once again! :-)

I loved participating both in April and July and though October will be busy as I'll be studying for my bar exam, I still hope to do some reading before I'll get to study full steam. But because of this and because I know I have to really scale back my reading time, I'm not fixing big goals this time: just read as much as I get to.

So come and join us, let the collective challenge encourage you in attacking that monstrous TBR pile! :-) 

And of course:

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