Monday, 31 October 2011

October was NetGalley Month!

Don't know if you have heard but after the huge fun and success it was in April, Emily at Red House Books once again organized a NetGalley month in October, and I participated again and I am quite satisfied because I read quite a few NetGalley books: 13 in total! Woohoo! That is my record! :-D (I just love Emily's NG months, they always motivate me to make a dent in my NG pile :-) 

And despite October busy being a busy month for me I managed to read the most NetGalley books this time! woohoo! :-D  I managed to read these:

My review will be posted on November 4 when Elyse will stop by Ex Libris for her blog tour.

Until There Was You by Kristan Higgins

My review will be posted on November 14 when Kristan will stop by Ex Libris for her blog tour.

My review was posted here.

My review was posted here.

 My review was posted here.

Another book I read in my personal dare to give a chance to those stereotypical, horrible titled novels and see whether they are really as cheap and cheesy as their title would suggest. I am happy to report that Romancing the M.D. was a well written and great read, would recommend it!

I loved the setting and the premise, but wasn't as engaged in the love story as I should have. A nice story, my detailed review will be posted soon.

My review will be posted on November 11 when Jessica will stop by Book Lovers Inc. for her blog tour. Wow, what an emotionally powerful extraordinary book! Jessica managed to portray the military characters as people, humans and not just abstract numbers, statistics. My heart squeezed so many times for these poor wounded, confused and lost but strong characters. Fantastic!

Deep Disclosure was an action packed fast read, though all the chase and crossfire fights made me a bit breathless with exhaustion. Sadly the end really ruined the story for me, the resolution of the mystery was forced and made no sense at all, a pity really.

A nice introduction to Lisa Marie Rice's writing, glad I discovered her military romance series and can't wait to read more!

Thank you Emily for another great and fun NG month and can't wait next time! :-)

If you missed this time, no worries, I'm sure Emily will host another NetGalley month soon and I for one can't wait! :-D 

And of course:

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