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Welcome to a Greek Fashion Show! - Guest post by Kristie Cook + Giveaway

Today I am happy to welcome to Ex Libris wonderful author (and sweet person all around) Kristie Cook, whose on a blog tour celebrating the release of her latest Soul Saver book: Genesis! Read on to discover a bit more about it and the things it inspired and made Kristie do in the name of research. So grab a seat and join us in the front row of this exclusive Greek Fashion Show organized just for you! :-) 

Genesis is a bit different from the other Soul Savers books. Although the fantasy world I created is the same, the real world is not. After all, it takes place over 2,000 years ago, around 200 B.C. So it required a lot of research to understand life in Greece during that era. For each stop along the release tour, I’m sharing something I learned and how it ties into the story.

One of the first things I remember researching is fashion. What did the Ancient Greeks wear? We’ve all heard of the toga, but is that all they wore? Is that what they called them? Did women wear different clothing than men? I’m by far a fashionista and it’s not usually a priority in my life or my writing, but I couldn’t get away with just “jeans and a t-shirt” for this story.

Information wasn’t too difficult to find regarding clothing of the time, however, getting an actual visual of it was. All we have are a few ancient paintings and sculptures that are crumbling, broken or faded, and so, lacking the details I wanted. Information about the clothing of the day seems to be based pretty much on these and descriptions in books.

I just hope that what we have left of that time is not their version of Lady Gaga. Seriously, what happens in 2,000 years if the only pictures available of our time are of celebrities? The future’s going to think we all dressed and behaved like that! Sorry, I digress. I’m going with the assumption that the paintings and sculptures we have represented common society fairly accurately.

So, clothing pretty much consisted of the chiton and the peplos (tunics) and the himation (cloaks), made of linen (for the summer) or wool (for the winter) and later, silk or cotton. Although you could buy cloth at the agora (marketplace), most households weaved their own. Even noble women did their own weaving.

All pieces were essentially made from rectangles of cloth. The tunics were often sewn or pinned into a tube with extra flowing fabric to alter the look. They used belts, brooches and other adornments to also change the look.

Men and women both wore chitons and it seems as though only women wore the peplos. However, information is conflicting – some sources say the peplos was a cloak, not a tunic, and others that they were worn before the 5th century B.C. and only chitons after the 5th century.

In Genesis, I decided to keep it simple and have the women wear an ankle-length peplos and the men wear a knee-length chiton. They primarily wear sandals, although the soldiers would wear boots into battle. Cassandra wears her hair in braids wound around her head, as was traditional at the time.

Chiton and Himations
Clothing and homes were probably some of the more fun topics I had to research, but it’s all been intriguing. I hope you’ve found it interesting, too. Oh, and as far as togas – those weren’t even worn by the Greeks! They were the fashion statement of the Romans.

Thank you, Stella, for having me and participating in the tour! 

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Genesis - a Soul Saver prequel novella by Kristie Cook 

A father who reveals his truth.

Twins who take different paths—one light, one dark.

Angels who have plans for them both.

And Demons who do as well.

So the Earthly battle for souls ignites…

A tale that is over 2,000 years old, this is the story of the Amadis beginnings.

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