Friday, 2 December 2011

Book Review: The Attic in My Yard by Birgit Horvath-Muck

Title: The Attic in My Yard
Author: Birgit Horvath-Muck
Release Date: 4 October 2011
Number of pages: 52 pages
Source: review copy provided by author
Purchasing Info: Goodreads, Author's Website, Smashwords, Lulu

Grade: 5 stars

Novellus perfectus!

Goodreads appetizer: Most of us no longer dream and imagine the way we did as kids. Where we once saw pirate's ships sailing by or fairies dancing in the meadow we now see a cherry tree or the trash can. No one knows how this happens, but one day you look out the window and the ships and fairies are gone. Then again, maybe they are just hiding beneath a raspberry bush. And maybe all it takes is to lure them out again. From the attic in your yard … into reality.

a -thinking really deep thoughts- book

Includes 28 illustrations

My Thoughts: Birgit is one of my good blogger friends, so when her book got released and she asked me to review it I was worried and sceptic: what if I don't like it? Can I be honest and tell her? And if I do how will it change our friendship? Will she never speak to me again? I was doubtful I would enjoy an "inspirational book", not because I have a problem with religion, inspiration, or spirituality, but because I only review fiction and had no idea how an inspirational book wold fare.

Well it seems all my worries were for naught. Because I truly, honestly fell under the spell of The Attic in My Yard, and kept on reading until the very last page. I loved how easy and engaging Birgit's fluent narrative read, and especially the fact that despite her writing about simple things, which were easy to see and comprehend, the ideas she presented were thoughtprovoking and made me ponder my life, my choices, my memories.

But let me try to give you a proper, usual review, showing you what I loved about this book:

First of all I loved the introduction! The style was like reading a childhood story but at the same time engaged the reader instantly. I felt it was the perfect way to introduce the story.

Birgit managed to put into words and easily comprehensible and imaginable pictures deep and true thoughts. Just to give you a first taste of the book here are a few of my favourite ones:

It's not always the path that's the problem. You just might lack the right footwear for your journey.
When the waiting gets too long you have two choices.
You can either stay right where you are, because you really don't want to miss the train, even if it ends up being a decade late.
Or you move your butt and follow the tracks.
And is your dream really more important than the road that gets you there?
Alright, it probably is, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy the trip.
Just make sure you don't get too distracted.
Enjoying the scenery is one thing.
Settling down just because it looked like a nice place to pitch a tent is quite another.

Besides making me think, The Attic in My Yard also made me smile a lot. Birgit's dream-resurrection tips and ideas were all fun and achievable ones, and they made me remember childhood fun times.
The book has a wonderful, uplifting ending. Left me feeling optimistic and smiling, which was exactly this book's goal: to make you think about your life and the direction it is going as well as to make you feel upbeat and optimistic and give you some extra boost to really get what you want and achieve your most secret and most cherished dreams.

Verdict: The Attic in My Yard is a lovely book I can in all honesty recommend to everyone. You deserve to stop the flow of your life, all the hurrying and lock out the outside buzz of the world for a few minutes and spend time on yourself. On asking yourself what makes you happy. And this book made me do that. And it also made me happy.

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