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Book Review: Jack's Christmas Wish by Bonni Sansom

Title: Jack's Christmas Wish
Author: Bonni Sansom
Release Date: 11 November 2011
Publisher: Renaissance eBooks
Source: review copy provided by author
Purchasing Info: Goodreads, Author's Website, Amazon

Grade: 1.5 stars

Novellus horrendus!
Goodreads appetizer: She'd been nice - so Santa brought her heart's desire, a sexy new master! Aside from being broke, stalked and groped by Santa, Lissa Monroe wondered what would happen to her next? She never expected it would be love at first sight. Times are hard for Lissa, with her mother’s illness and her own financial problems. She took a job as Santa’s sexy helper in a department store. Her ex-boyfriend Rex is stalking her and leaving dirty messages on her answering machine. She thinks she can handle him, but things turn deadly causing her to have an accident. Being a widowed single father isn’t easy. Derek Baxter knows this first hand, but when your son wants a new mom for Christmas what are you to do? It’s not like you can go out and find one or is it? Jack thinks so when he meets Lissa as he sits atop Santa’s lap. Outwardly Derek is the polite, shy widower and devoted father to his son Jack. In truth Derek is a wolf in sheep's clothing. He harbors a naughty secret that would surprise his friends and neighbors. Derek is a BDSM-Dominant with a playroom hidden in his basement loaded with BDSM toys. Derek's not looking for a relationship; at least he doesn’t think he is until Lissa and Jack have an instant bond, causing Derek to wonder if maybe his son’s instincts have found him a new Wife. Derek and Lissa embark on a whirlwind relationship which accelerates and leaves them both breathless. They both want the same thing—each other, but Lissa’s past hurts in the name of love hold her back. Derek is determined to break down her walls one way or another and win her heart.
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My Thoughts: I am an unashamed Christmas-aholic. I love everything about the holidays, and one of my favourite things are holiday themed stories! So I dove in excitedly and started reading Jack's Christmas Wish expecting a heart-warming but sexy story. Sadly it fell short on so many accounts that I had to stop at 60% after I couldn't force myself to read any more.

My biggest complaint was that it featured one of my major pet peeves, namely that the hero/heroine share a bond, feel they were destined for each other after only spending literally a couple hours together! Sure, I can imagine attraction, lust, sympathy at first sight, but to love someone you got to know them so sorry but I'm not buying the "we were made for each other" thing so soon after their meeting.

She couldn't lose him now. There were too many emotions invested.

This is what the heroine thinks after their first and quite brief date! Sorry honey, but what deep emotions do you have after spending 3 hours with the man?

Same goes with how the heroine felt such a strong pull toward the hero's little boy, only after glimpsing him standing in line for Santa and speaking with him less than 5 minutes!

But besides this, sadly there were many other things:

The writing was fractured, the dialogue flat and stilted, the sentences too simplistic and undeveloped, they often read like chewing broken glass.

"It was supposed to be a one night thing, but I really want to see you again." Fuck, complicated.
"You do? I really wanted to see you again too. Maybe we could date a little before we do this again."

Jack, the hero's little orphan boy could have been cute, but Bonni Samson confused me: Jack was described as a 7 year old, but he sounded and behaved like a 3-4 year old:

"But, Dad, I want her to be my new mom. I really liked her. She's pretty." Jack sat down at the table and swung his legs in the chair. His Superman pajama with footies made a scraping sound as the tips grazed the floor.

At the h/h's first date there was a lot of jumping around: first she's giving him a handjob, he wants to call it quits, then he says that despite they first agreeing to a one night stand he wants to see her again. Then she replies that before their next sexual encounter they should date first. The guy's answer to this (who don't forget is a single father raising his vulnerable son whose mother died): "ok, let's go out the 3 of us with my son" What the heck? He wants to have a date with her AND his son when a few pages ago he didn't want to introduce a woman in his son's life and disrupt it?! O_O

The heroine was TSTL (too stupid to live): her stalker ex-boyfriend leaves 18 vulgar an threatening message on her answering machine (18 in one day!), and she opens the door to him in the middle of the night in a loosely tied bathrobe! Seriously my eyes hurt after so much eyerolling...

Verdict: So sadly due to the above mentioned problems I just couldn't get over them and enjoy the story. I found it shallow, clichéd and not well developed.

Plot: 3/10
Characters: 2/10
Writing: 3/10
Cover: 6/10 - the grin of that guy looks a bit creepy...

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