Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Romance and Me Reading Challenge - Link Up Your Reviews for February

If you have signed up for The Romance and Me Reading Challenge (if you'd like to sign up for the challenge, you can do so HERE) you can submit your reviews of Romantic Suspense novels read and reviewed in February in the linky below.

And as February is Romantic Suspense month, thanks to the generosity of romantic suspense author Maureen Miller the winner will receive a copy of Endless Night by Maureen A. Miller a thrilling romantic suspense novel!

Endless Night by Maureen A. Miller

"A woman hiding from her identity. A man trying to find his."

After witnessing a murder, Megan Summers ran until she reached the remote coastal village of Victory Cove. She has a new name, but she knows it's only a matter of time before the murderer catches up with her.

Jake Grogan has come to town to unravel the mystery of his heritage. Instead of finding his grandmother at Wakefield House, he discovers an attractive stranger who will do anything to get him off her doorstep. Trapped by a storm, he's forced to stay the night with Megan--a woman who keeps a handgun under her bed and closes herself off from the outside world.

Jake tries to dig deeper into his past, but he's distracted by his fear for Megan's safety and his growing feelings for her. Danger is drawing near and he'll do anything to keep her safe. Will it be enough to help them survive the endless night?
So if you have read a romantic suspense novel in February and have reviewed it, leave the link to be entered in the giveaway.
To be included in February's giveaway you have to submit your review by March 1st, but even if you include it later you'll be in for the annual drawing, so now worries, you'll just miss out on the monthly one.

Please remember to put the direct link to your review and not to your blog url!

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