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Finding the Tingle by Kristan Higgins + Giveaway

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I might have confessed a few days earlier that a long time ago I wasn't a fan of the contemporary romance genre. Well that changed thanks in part to today's guest the wonderful and inimitable Kristan Higgins! Kristan's books are unique in that they make the reader chuckle out loud and then tear up, she brings such emotional depth to her romance stories which is quite unheard of. If you haven't read her books yet trust me she must be added to your Must-Try-Out-Authors List! And now without further ado I give you Kristan who will be sharing with us one of her trade secrets ;-) Please give her a warm welcome!

Finding the Tingle
by Kristan Higgins

I’m here today to talk about this ridiculous thing that happens to us writers. We fall in love with our heroes.

Sure, sure, Higgins, you’re saying. We get it.

But no. I mean, it’s embarrassing. I like to have a face in mind for my hero, so the first step of our love fest is to find a face that speaks to me. It doesn’t have to be the prettiest face or the most perfect; in fact, I’m a fan of what I call the “lived-in face.” I want some imperfection and some character. I want the face to match the personality I’m developing for this character. I want a visceral reaction. I want tingling.

There are steps to find the tingle.

Step #1: The internet trawl. This can take days. I dismiss easily. Too pretty. Nope, already used him. Nah, he does nothing for me. And then…and then a face stops me. Oh, I think. Mommy likes. Who is that? I study a few pictures. If the tingling increases, we have a winner.

Step #2: Download a few photos that capture different expressions of said hottie. How many was that again, Higgins? Okay, fine. I have sixty-five pictures of my current love interest on my computer at the moment. Sue me.

Step #3: Rent every movie, no matter how bad, to see Love Interest. Occasionally, watch movies on Netflix Instant on one’s Mac, so one can take multiple screen shots. This is when it goes from crush to obsession.

Step #4: Pore over the aforementioned sixty-five pictures before beginning one’s writing day. It’s, um, inspiring.

Step #5: Repeat steps 2-4 as often as possible throughout the course of the writing of the book.

It’s always so gratifying when I get a letter from someone who says, “I was so in love with Malone/Callahan/Trevor/Liam…” My response: Preach it, sister. I think the only way to write a hero a reader can fall in love with is to fall in love myself.

And then comes the break-up. But that’s a blog for another time.

Got any heroes from books or movies you just couldn’t get over?

Leave a comment, and I’ll send one of you a copy of UNTIL THERE WAS YOU.

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Kristan has generously offered a signed paperback copy of Until There Was You to a lucky commentator!

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