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Military Romance by Kaylea Cross + Giveaway

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Today's guest holds a special place in my heart: it is thanks to her that I discovered the military romance sub-genre and instantly became a die hard fan. If you like romantic suspense but haven't yet tried military romance, you absolutely have to and Kaylea Cross is your woman! She delivers the perfect mix of thrilling action and heart rate increasing romance in her novels, making you try to catch your breath. I think it's time you discovered this subgenre as well, so please give the warmest welcome to Kaylea!

Military Romances
by Kaylea Cross

Thank you so much to Stella for having me here today!

I love all things military, to a degree that baffles most of my friends and family. How did I become obsessed with the military and Special Ops in particular? It’s entirely my dad’s fault. He turned me into a fanatical history buff at a young age, and well, you can’t learn about history without studying war in the process. Along the way I also learned something very important about myself: I’m a big wimp. Personally I can’t imagine ever putting on a uniform and going to war.
Out of this realization came a profound respect and fascination with those that do put on a uniform and go into harm’s way for the rest of us. Honestly it makes me scratch my head. Why would anyone do this? Military life is hard. The pay sucks. They get yelled at constantly. The food is bad, when they can even get it out there on the front lines. They get sent to the most dangerous places on Earth whenever the politicians decide to send them, and put their lives on the line every single day. Frankly, I think they all deserve our respect and a heartfelt thank you, as do their families. Having a loved one away on deployment is no picnic, let alone when they’re in a combat zone.

And those are just a few reasons why I admire military personnel so much. It was a no brainer that I would dream up military characters when I began to write. I started off using ex-military heroes in my first series, but then decided I wanted to showcase currently serving soldiers with the hope of showing what the War on Terror is like from their point of view on the battlefield. And not just for my heroes this time. There are many women serving in combat zones all over the world today, and I wanted to give them their due as well. That’s how the idea for my Bagram Special Ops series was born.
In the first book, Deadly Descent, the heroine is a National Guard helicopter pilot, and the hero is an Air Force Special Operations Pararescue Jumper (PJ). Once I began research for the book, PJs quickly became my new favorite hero and I loved putting little tidbits of info about them into the story. I got to interview a recently retired PJ and an Army medevac pilot, as well as flight instructors who took me up on several flights while I peppered them with questions. Yes, I’m a wimp, but I’m also a geek. I love learning all that amazing information from the experts when I can, because it allows me to do my characters justice on the page. I want to get it right whenever possible.

Currently I’m working on the second book of the series, featuring an Air Force Combat Controller (CCT) and a female gunship pilot. Lots of sparks between these two, if Ryan can get past all of Ace’s prickly thorns. To me, the trick with military romance is balancing the love story with the action and danger, and it’s something I notice in my all time favorite books, like All the Queen’s Men by Linda Howard, for example. I also love it when it’s clear the author has put effort into researching their characters’ skill sets/roles in the military. What can I say, it soothes my inner geek.

I’m giving away a digital copy of Deadly Descent to a commenter, so please chime in about what you like to see in military romances.

Happy reading,
Kaylea Cross

Deadly Descent by Kaylea Cross

Book #1 in the Bagram Special Ops series

Devon Crawford is an officer; Pararescueman Cam Munro is enlisted. Dev flies medical evacuations; Cam jumps into danger zones to save lives. Dev wants to return home from Afghanistan with her heart untouched; Cam will do anything to win the woman he loves.

Reaching for happiness in a war zone is the last thing Captain Devon Crawford plans, but she can’t ignore the feelings she’s hidden for so long. Cam’s sexy charm and wicked kisses weaken her resistance, but she’s too afraid of losing him to give in.

When Dev’s helicopter and crew are shot down and set up as bait by notorious warlord, Cam risks it all to save the team. What he doesn’t know is that the trap is set for him…

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Kaylea Cross is an award winning author of edge-of-your-seat romantic suspense. A Registered Massage Therapist, Kaylea is an avid gardener, artist, Civil War buff, Special Ops aficionado, bellydancer and former nationally-carded softball pitcher. She is an active member of the Greater Vancouver Romance Writers of America chapter and lives in Vancouver, BC with her husband.

You can reach Kaylea at her website / blog / Twitter / Facebook / Goodreads


Kaylea has generously offered an ebook copy of Deadly Descent to a lucky commentator!

To be entered all you have to do is:

1. fill out the main form so I have your contact info (just once, if you have already filled it out for a previous giveaway that's enough)

2. leave a comment and answer Kaylea's question: What do you like to see in military romances? And I'm also curious: any good recommendations of military romance novels I should check out?

Giveaway is open worldwide and ends on 15 March 2012.

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