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Character Interview by Barbara Wallace + Giveaway

I am very happy to welcome to the blog today and introduce you to one of my latest discoveries: the wonderful Barbara Wallace, author behind Entangled Publishing's latest Indulgence title: Weekend Agreement. I devoured Weekend Agreement in no time and was amazed at the wonderful portrayal of Daniel, how vulnerable, wounded yet strong and virile Barbara Wallace made him (you can read my detailed review here). So I am extremely happy to tell you that that we are very lucky today as Barbara brought with herself Charlotte and Daniel, the hero and heroine of Weekend Agreement! Please give them a warm welcome, come and get to know them better and you could even win a copy of Weekend Agreement!

Barbara Wallace: Hello! And thanks Stella for letting me visit your blog. I hope you don’t mind, but I brought along a couple guests. You might know them. They are Professor Charlotte Doherty, noted historical author and Daniel Moretti, billionaire business mogul. Their love story is told in the Indulgence book Weekend Agreement, out this month from Entangled Publishing. They came with me to meet readers and answer a few questions.

Charlotte, my first question is for you. Agreeing to a weekend trip with a man you barely knew? What on earth were you thinking?

Daniel: I like to think she was so dazzled she couldn’t say no.

Charlotte: Dazzled? Hardly. Though he’s right, I didn’t have much choice. Daniel had somehow convinced my brother to sell him a farm that had been in my family for two hundred years. It was the last link I had to my dead mother. And he refused to sell the property back to me unless he got something in return.

Barbara: Is that true, Daniel?

Daniel (shrugging): I was angry when I made the deal. I’d just discovered I’d been betrayed by yet another so-called ‘lover’, my mother was bugging me about showing up to her anniversary party – which in itself was a joke – and in waltzes Charlotte looking to buy back her farm. Something snapped.

Barbara: What were your first impressions of each other?

Charlotte: I thought he was a cold-hearted, self-absorbed arrogant businessman.

Daniel: You forgot handsome.

Charlotte: I didn’t forget. (Blushes) Unfortunately he’s right. I did think he was handsome.

Daniel: I thought Charlotte was this seductive manipulative siren. (He laughs) A regular devil in a green dress.

Charlotte: I thought you liked me in that green dress?

Daniel (kissing her hand): Believe me, Professor, I do. Although I like it on the floor more….

Charlotte: Clearly we both made rash, incorrect judgments.

Barbara: How so?

Charlotte: Well, now I know Daniel has the soul of a poet. That behind all that arrogance is a very lonely man who just wants to be loved.

Daniel: I’m not lonely anymore.

Charlotte: Me neither. Funny thing is, until that weekend, I never realized how lonely I really was.

Daniel: Meanwhile, I’d convinced myself I’d be lonely for the rest of my life.

Charlotte: Oh, Daniel….

Barbara: Ahem, guys? Do you think we could focus for just a minute more?

Daniel: Only for a minute. The Professor and I have some “dancing” lessons we need to get to.

Charlotte (turning bright pink): Daniel!

Daniel: What? I love to dance. I’m pretty good too.

Charlotte: You’re more than pretty good.

Barbara: Why do I think dancing is a euphemism for something else? Anyway, speaking of dancing, your agreement involved attending Daniel’s mother and step-father’s wedding anniversary. How is your mother, Daniel?

Daniel: I’d rather talk about something more pleasant, like the plague or politics.

Charlotte: I’ve got to give him that one. Vivian isn’t my favorite topic either.

Barbara: So the party – you two didn’t enjoy the visit?

Daniel: I wouldn’t say that.

Barbara: What would you say?

Charlotte: If we answered that question, then people would have no incentive to read the story themselves. As a writer myself, I have to suggest they visit Amazon or Barnes & Noble and order their copy of Weekend Agreement.

Barbara: Well, it looks like that’s all I’m going to get out of our guests today. Daniel just whisked Charlotte off. Guess it was that “dancing” lesson they had planned. Sorry about that. Feel free to leave any questions you might have, and I’ll pass them along. Maybe one of them will return later. If not, I’ll do my best to answer them myself. And thanks for stopping by!

Some deals were meant to be broken…

Cynical billionaire Daniel Martinetti works hard; plays harder and has one ironclad rule. Never trust a woman. Bad news for historian Charlotte Doherty who shows up at exactly the wrong time. Like every other woman in Daniel’s life, Charlotte wants something from him–the deed to her family farm. Daniel agrees, but only if he gets something in return: Charlotte’s company for the weekend!

The property is Charlotte’s only link to the mother she never knew. Desperate to keep her history alive, she’ll accept Daniel’s indecent proposal, but not without a few terms of her own. Namely, a propriety clause. No flirting. No kissing. No sex.

Daniel has no intention of honoring her conditions, but after one weekend with Charlotte leaves him hungering for more, he can’t help wondering if she could be the exception to his unbreakable rule…

Barbara Wallace has been a life-long romantic and daydreamer so it’s not surprising she decided to become a writer at age eight. However, it wasn’t until a co-worker handed her a romance novel that she knew where her stories belonged. For years she limited her dreams to nights, weekends and commuter train trips while working as a communications specialist, PR freelancer and full-time mom. At the urging of her family, she finally chucked the day job to pursue writing full time and couldn’t be happier.

A life-long Yankee, Barbara lives in New England with her husband, their teenage son, and three very spoiled pets.

Find out more about Barbara and her books at her website, on Facebook, Twitter or Goodreads.


Entangled Publishing has generously offered an ebook copy of Weekend Agreement to one lucky commenter!

All you have to do is leave a comment/question to either Daniel or Charlotte, or Barbara herself!

Giveaway is open worldwide and ends on 9 April 2012!

Good luck!

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