Monday, 19 March 2012

Everything You've Got by Erin Nicholas releases tomorrow, YAY!!

You all know what a big, diehard fan I am of Erin Nicholas and her contemporary romance novels. They are the ones which converted me to the genre and her name is guarantee enough for me so that when I pick up a book penned by her I can be sure that I'm in for a fun, humourous and very sexy love story. Erin's books never let me down, each one of them were just as wonderful as I expected, often even surpassing my high expectations. So that's why I'm urging you to try one of Erin Nicholas' books if until now she is an author you haven't read yet. (Those who have read one Erin Nicholas book become addicted, I know, I speak from experience. ;-p)

So anyway this introduction was just to tell you how glad I am that Erin Nicholas' latest novel Everything You've Got will be released tomorrow!!

Everything You've Got by Erin Nicholas

A girl, a guy, a set of handcuffs… What more could happily ever after possibly need?

Anything & Everything, Book 2

Luke Hamilton’s requirements for the perfect woman are straightforward: live, work and play in his beloved hometown—and get along with his mother. Dr. Kat Dayton’s got it all. And Luke’s noticed. It’s obvious to him that his long-time friend belongs with him, especially after the world-rocking kiss she lays on him at his birthday party.

While Kat can’t deny she’s imagined a kiss like that—and more—for years, she’s less convinced they’re destined for happily ever after. Still, Luke figures that’s nothing a friendly kidnapping and a three-day road trip won’t fix.

Kat would love to let Luke in, but if he discovers the truth—that committee meetings bore her to tears and she’d rather have a root-canal than go to another potluck—his white-picket-fence dreams will be crushed.

Being stuck in an RV with Luke should be three days of flirtatious fun, but for Kat it’s heavenly hell. The close confines and good old-fashioned lust are making a mockery of her perfect-woman façade, and if he finds out about the mistake that might cost her job— and force her to leave town for good— it’ll take more than a sexy pair of handcuffs to keep him close.

Product Warnings: Contains a man who's willing to do anything for the perfect woman, an RV and surprise road-trip to help him prove it, and a woman who's wondering just what the hell she's gotten into.

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Erin Nicholas has been reading and writing romantic fiction since her mother gave her a romance novel in high school and she discovered happily-ever-after suddenly went a little beyond glass slippers and fairy godmothers! She lives in the Midwest with her husband who only wants to read the sex scenes in her books, her kids who will never read the sex scenes in her books, and family and friends who say they’re shocked by the sex scenes in her books (yeah, right!).

You can reach Erin at her official websiteblogTwitter and Facebook account.

Previous books by Erin Nicholas:

Just Right: The Bradfords, Book 1

Just Like That: The Bradfords, Book 2

Just My Type: The Bradfords, Book 3

On Wednesday March 21st Erin will stop by Book Lovers Inc. for a guest post to share with you some behind the scene secret about the story and there will be a great giveaway as well! just saying ;-)

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