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Mini Book Review: Enticed by His Forgotten Lover by Maya Banks

Title: Enticed by His Forgotten Lover
Author: Maya Banks
Series: Book #1 in the Pregnancy & Passion series
Release Date: 6 September 2011
Number of pages: 192 pages
Publisher: Harlequin
Source: review copy provided by publisher through NetGalley
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Grade: 2.5 stars

Novellus malus!
Goodreads appetizer: ""Have we met?""

Answer: a right hook Because Bryony Morgan pulls no punches. Even when she's very pregnant and facing down the father of her unborn child. She fell for wealthy hotelier Rafael de Luca when he courted her for her beachfront real estate. Then he disappeared. Now, she's in New York for answers--and she won't accept a brush-off.

But selective amnesia after a crash has Rafael puzzled. How could he ever forget a combustible beauty like Bryony? Solution: return to the island where they met, and relive the unforgettable nights in question--until he remembers everything...
My Thoughts: Enticed by His Forgotten Lover was an OK read but nothing spectacular or memorable. The story was quite the usual, nothing new, nothing fresh, nothing unique. A quick read but one that won't stay with you long enough. The characterisations remained sketchy, I could have done with getting a more developed picture of the hero/heroine. We got a bit of a background on the hero, but the heroine remained a complete mystery. Nothing about her life, her family, background, what she does, what she likes, she remained quite the mysterious ghost-like heroine.

What I really liked about this book was the relationship between the hero and his 3 best friends. I very much would love to read more about them, but other than that Enticed by His Forgotten Lover wasn't such a hit with me, and I doubt I will remember much about it.

Plot: 6/10
Characters: 6/10
Writing: 7/10
Ending: 6/10
Cover: 9/10

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