Monday, 30 April 2012

April Flashback

I just saw that I failed to post March's flashback monthly wrap up, it was still saved as a draft *grumbles* so here is April's:

Books read

1. The Perfect Impostor by Wendy Soliman
2. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (Book #1 in The Hunger Games series)
3. Improper Relations by Juliana Ross
4. A Lady's Revenge by Tracey Devlyn (currently reading)
5. That Filthy Book by Natalie Dae and Lily Harlem  (currently reading)
6. Sins of the Son by Linda Poitevin (Book #2 in the Gregory Legacy series)*
7. Master of Sin by Maggie Robinson (Book #4 in the Courtesan Court series)
8. The Runaway Countess by Leigh LaValle*
9. Lessons in Indiscretion by Karen Erickson (Book #2 in the Merry Widows series)
10. Under His Protection by Karen Erickson  (Book #1 in the Protect and Defend series)
11. My Wicked Gladiators by Lauren Hawkeye
12. Undone by Lila DiPasqua (Book #4 in the Fiery Tales series)
13. The Fireman Who Loved Me by Jennifer Bernard (Book #1 in The Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel series)

Books reviewed

Here are the reviews I posted this month:

1. Blackmailed by the Italian Billionaire by Nina Croft
2. Holiday Affair by Annie Seaton
3. Sins of the Son by Linda Poitevin
4. The Runaway Countess by Leigh LaValle*
5. Blushing Violet by Ann Mayburn
6. Undone by Lila DiPasqua
7. Master of Sin by Maggie Robinson

Books I liked the best this month:

Many great books this month but three absolute favourite that I could start re-reading this instant:

"Being a wonderful combination of Robin Hood setting, well written historical romance and three dimensional likable characters The Runaway Countess is an amazing debut for Leigh LaValle. I utterly enjoyed it and devoured all 408 pages in less than a day. Mazie and Trent were wonderful characters and Leigh LaValle's portrayal of their love and struggles was beautifully poignant, I simply loved it! If you enjoy well written fantastic historical romances you should add The Runaway Countess to your wishlist, I'm sure it will become a favourite of yours! (I speak from experience, The Runaway Countess became one of those books I'm sure I'll re-read several times as a comfort read)"

"Sins of the Son was just as phenomenal as its predecessor, Linda Poitevin takes the reader on a whirlwind rollercoaster ride which will leave you breathless and reeling long after the ride is over! If you haven't read Linda Poitevin's UF series yet, you shouldn't waste any more time, because the Grigori Legacy series is one of the best urban fantasy series I have ever read! It has everything: fast paced action, rich world-building, wit and humour, deep and layered characters, sizzling chemistry and much much more!If you like richly developed exciting urban fantasy and have already devoured everything by Kelley Armstrong, it's time you discovered Linda Poitevin's books, they are amazing!"

"Undone is a beautiful love story with surprising emotional depth. I loved the journey Lila DiPasqua took me on and can only recommend you read Undone. If you love fairy tale retellings, historical romances with strong and admirable heroines and swoonworthy honourable heroes, goosebump-causing, pulse race-inducing steamy love stories, Undone is the book for you!"

Book I liked the least this month:

There wasn't really any book I didn't like, none of them got less than 3 stars this month.

Reading Challenges:

Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge: 53/170 books read, 117 to go
Romance and Me Reading Challenge: 4/12 books read, 8 to go
Historical Romance Reading Challenge: 13/12 books read - COMPLETED
E-Book Reading Challenge: 41/150 books read, 109 to go
Men in Uniform Reading Challenge: 7/10 books read, 3 to go
2012 TBR Pile Reading Challenge: 0/10 book read, 10 to go
Speculative Romance Reading Challenge: 11/12 book read, 1 to go
Horror and Urban Fantasy Reading Challenge: 6/24 books read, 18 to go
Mystery and Suspense Reading Challenge: 4/12 books read, 8 to go
Why Buy the Cow Reading Challenge: 0/12 books read, 12 to go
Fairy Tales Retold Reading Challenge: 3/6 book read, 3 to go
Harlequin Silhouette Reading Challenge: 2/6 book read, 4 to go
Erotic Reading Challenge: 8/20 books read, 12 to go
1st in a Series Reading Challenge: 16/20 books read, 4 to go
2nd in a Series Reading Challenge: 3/20 books read, 17 to go
NetGalley Reading Challenge: 24/30 books read, 6 to go

I can never resist reading challenges (they were the ones responsible for giving me that final push to start my own a blog) and I just like to see in which categories the books I'm reading fit into.

If you like romance and you would like to challenge yourself and discover some romance sub-genre out of your comfort zone come and join the Romance and Me Reading Challenge I'm hosting with Book Lovers Inc. where we'll read 1 novel from a different romantic sub-genre every month. Monthly giveaways sweeten the pot as well ;-) You can read about the details and sign up HERE.

April was Sci-Fi Romance month and May will be Fantasy Romance month! Come join us, great monthly giveaways await you!

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