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Guest post: Changes by Gabi Stevens + Giveaway

Today I welcome back to Ex Libris Gabi Stevens, author of the delightful Time of Transition series, contemporary romance novels about ordinary young women who become the next fairy godmothers and all sorts of magical creatures and events! Wishful Thinking, the 3rd book in the series was released recently, so it seems it's time for changes for Gabi. Please give her a warm welcome and read on, a giveaway awaits you at the end.

by Gabi Stevens

I’m sort of stuck on new beginnings right now. Maybe because my daughters are graduating. Maybe because it’s springtime. Maybe because Wishful Thinking just came out and in the novel, my character, Stormy Jones-Smythe has a new beginning.

At the beginning of the novel, Stormy discovers she next in line to be a fairy godmother. She’s grown up in a loving community of artists, with no magical powers of her own. When she’s chosen as the third godmother, a whole new world opens up for her—a world not only with new powers but with new responsibilities and dangers. The first two godmothers have gone rogue, and the Council assigns a Guard to prevent her from doing the same.

Her Guard, Hunter Merrick, doesn’t realize his whole world is about to change also. He doesn’t appreciate the babysitting job he’s been given, especially when Stormy proves as chaotic as her name implies. But a threat forces Hunter to choose which side deserves his loyalty and both choices have dire consequences.

In Wishful Thinking, I don’t just write about metaphorical change:
“You’re shrinking,” Hunter said.
“I’m what?”
“Shrinking. It was bound to happen. You need to be able to change.” Hunter lowered his wand.
“Change? What do you mean ‘change’?”
Hunter looked at her for a moment as if he didn’t understand what she meant. Then he nodded. “That’s right. You don’t know. All Arcani have the power to transform themselves, so when we’re children, the Magic changes us into something. I changed into a fox. I think the Magic was poking fun at my name.”
“But I’m not a child.”
“Clearly. I imagine most Arcani change as children because children are more flexible.”
She grimaced as another series of pops issued from her body. “It hurts.”
“Of course it hurts. You don’t think you can just change your entire being without some sort of consequence.”
“Thanks for the sympathy.” She bit back another groan.

I love writing about dealing with change because I firmly believe life is all about change. As soon as you stop changing, you stop growing and learning, and if you stop growing and learning, what’s the point in living? Change isn’t easy. It can be daunting, exciting, scary, major, or minor, but never boring. Remember being a student? Every new year brought change you had to deal with. Heck, every semester did. That doesn’t stop once you reach adulthood. A new job, a new love, a new stage in life—it’s all about change.

And new beginnings aren’t limited to outside forces. You can make your own changes. You can start something any time you want to. There is no time constraint or deadline. And if you fail in one attempt, you can start over again.

In my Time of Transition series, change plays a huge role. Look at the title I gave my trilogy. At the start of each chapter I wrote little rules for life. In The Wish List, the first book in the trilogy, the final chapter has the following rule: Don’t mourn endings; they often bring new beginnings. And in Wishful Thinking, is the following: Change is the only constant in life. Embrace it.

I’m facing my own new start now. The Time of Transition Trilogy is now complete. You can read all three books in the series and discover the magic: The Wish List, As You Wish, and Wishful Thinking. And what’s next? Well, my agent is shopping around a brand new series, one I hope will be the start of yet another change in my life.

So tell me: do you fear change or face it as a challenge?

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Gabi has generously offered winner's book choice from her Time of Transition series to a lucky commentator.

All you have to do is leave a comment answering Gabi's question: do you fear change or face it as a challenge?

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