Monday, 28 May 2012

Sister Pie or Extra Quick and Most Delicious Chocolate Pear Pie

Today I am a guest at Chicklets in the Kitchen sharing one of my favourite dessert recipes with you. Want to know the story behind the pie? Let me tell you:

I am the eldest of 3 sisters. Our relationship isn’t always the best or most harmonious one, because as siblings usually do we bicker and fight at times. But there is a night all three of us remember with fond memories and this cake remains a favourite of all of us even after many years. My parents were away for the night and it was just the three of us, and we planned a sister bonding girly night: my older sister prepared this cake, the little one was in charge of cocktails and we watched movie after movie while gorging on this delicious cake and laughing and talking the night away. 

The cake became history and we never forgot it. Its official name is Extra Quick and Most Delicious Chocolate Pear Pie, but we just call it the Sister Pie

If you would like to read the recipe stop by Chicklets in the Kitchen and I hope you'll try it! :-)

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